Why Rhinoplasty is More Than Just Aesthetic Enhancement


Yes, you can create the image you want for yourself in this life! Do not let anyone stop you from embracing the persona you want to achieve. You can be an artist who wears eccentric clothing or perhaps a fashionista who uses branded bags. Or you can even be a person who does not do fashion. They are all okay as long as you are being true to yourself. You can also alter yourself by going under rhinoplasty in Singapore.

One might think, is it not ironic that you must be true to yourself but alter your physical appearance? No, it is not because improving one’s appearance is not about faking who you are but about improving yourself. Your truth is not about going all-natural, but the truth is being authentic about the things you want to pursue.

If you want to do rhinoplasty, live up to your truth and do it! Fortunately, modern time provides safe ways to administer this aesthetic procedure. Now, are you looking for some motivation to get a nose job? Well, continue reading to know which celebrities have admitted to nose jobs to enhance their looks.


Celebrities Who Admitted to Have a Nose Job

You can get a nose job and make yourself feel good when you have the means. If you need someone for motivation, check some celebrities who underwent a nose job to improve their appearance.

Although there are still stigmas around rhinoplasty, the essential thing is that you will feel confident after the procedure. Just consult an ENT doctor at Mount Elizabeth to see if they are complicated after the surgery.

Take inspiration from these celebrities who have admitted to having a nose job.

  • Jennifer Aniston – The Friends actress admitted to having a nose job back in 2007 not because of aesthetic reasons but to improve her sleep. See, a nose job is not always about becoming more beautiful. It can also help with some medical problems. So, consult your ENT surgeon to know if you can also have a rhinoplasty.
  • Anne Hathaway – Getting known for her role in Princess Diary, Anne Hathaway started young in the entertainment industry. She shared that getting pressured by Hollywood made her do rhinoplasty to look more attractive in front of the camera.
  • Josh Hutcherson – The Hunger Games star had a nose job to fix his broken septum. Another reason for a nose job is to correct the alignment of cartilage and bone. It can improve your appearance and overall physical health. Most importantly, ask an ENT doctor if you can undergo a rhinoplasty in Singapore.
  • Heechul OF Super Member – As a member of Super Junior, Heechul is a well-known artist in the K-pop industry. However, he was in a traffic accident that altered his nose. Due to this, Heechul decided to have a rhinoplasty to improve his appearance and overall health.
  • Chaeyeon of DIA and former IOI member– Famous for her ending dairy pose, Chaeyon’s visuals are top tiers! Thanks to physical enhancements, the K-pop star became confident and achieved her goals in the K-pop industry. She admitted it in a variety show entitled MBC.
  • Xiaxue – Establishing her name as a YouTuber, Xiaxue is famous for beauty and fashion vlogs. She is honest about her transformation thanks to rhinoplasty in Singapore. She even believes that anyone can be beautiful, so why judge someone who wants to undergo a nose job?

As you can see, rhinoplasty is not just about aesthetics. You can also use a nose job for other medical reasons. So, continue reading the article to learn more about the benefits you can get from rhinoplasty in Singapore.


What are the benefits of Getting a Rhinoplasty?

There is a misconception that rhinoplasty is for making oneself beautiful. Most people think it is a shallow thing to do because you are fooling people on how you look. The realist is that rhinoplasty in Singapore can be beneficial in many ways. To know them, here are the possible benefits once you get a surgical procedure from a reliable ENT surgeon in Mouth Elizabeth.

1) Improving Your Self-Confidence

Beauty is much deeper than what most people think. It is not just about impressing other people but making yourself look more attractive can give you the confidence you need. If planning to improve your appearance, you can try rhinoplasty as long as you have the budget. Also, better visit an ENT surgeon first for a consultation. In doing so, you can have a safe procedure.

In the bigger picture, rhinoplasty is more emotional because some people are insecure about their looks. So, let us not judge them because they are doing this to make themselves feel better.

2) Help Cope With Sleep Apnea

Surprisingly, rhinoplasty can also help with sleep apnea treatment in Singapore. Although rhinoplasty will not heal your apnea, it can help you live with it. It can help you achieve better sleep in the long run after the surgery. However, not all people are good candidates for this procedure. So it is better to talk with an ENT doctor first if you can go for a nose job as a treatment.

3) Improve Nasal Septum

The nasal septum divides the nasal cavity, distinguishing the left and the right side. If there is an imbalance, you can experience sinus problems. If this happens, consult a sinus specialist in Singapore to have a proper consultation.

Your nasal septum can be the cause of your nose problems. After consulting a sinus specialist, you can know whether you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty. If yes, prepare your financial resources to undergo this procedure.

4) Narrow the Nostrils

Narrowing the nostrils can improve your overall appearance because it balances facial symmetry. It can lift your confidence and make you a better person in different aspects of life. As you look for rhinoplasty in Singapore, only trust a reliable ENT surgeon to ensure that everything will be smooth.

There are many reasons why you should have rhinoplasty in Singapore. If you are 100 % sure, you can visit Dr Dennis Chua, a reliable ENT surgeon. Visit their website to know more about other procedures like sleep apnea treatment.