Why Am I Experiencing an Acne Breakout? Here are the 8 Reasons!

Everyone wants to achieve a clear skin because it improves their confidence. Once you remove all the acne that causes stress, there will be a boost in your self-image. However, glass skin is not easy to achieve. Using expensive beauty products or trying the best facial treatment in Singapore may not be enough. The best way to battle breakouts is to know the root cause of acne problems and look for ways to change these bad habits. Furthermore, let this article show you what’s causing your breakout.

What is a Breakout?

Breakout happens when a follicle and pore get clogged due to various reasons. Clogged pores have dead skin, sebum, and bacteria. If you don’t have proper skincare, it will only worsen and affect you psychologically. Furthermore, there are more things you need to know about acne breakouts so let this article help you learn why this happens.

Why Do I Experience an Acne Breakout?

Today is your graduation day, and there are pimples on your face. It can make you feel less confident. You feel hesitant to show your face on the camera and let people see your acne breakout. You might be wondering inside your head: Why do I experience an acne breakout? Should I use expensive acne treatment products in Singapore? Do I still have a chance to improve it?

Luckily, yes, because proper skincare, healthy habits, and knowledge about acne can help you get clear skin. To achieve that clear and glowy skin, here are the reasons you experience acne breakouts to improve your skin habits.


1) Too Much Stress

Stress may not directly cause you an acne breakout. However, it can increase your severity because stress produces hormones called corticotropin-releasing hormone or CRH that trigger excessive oil production. When you feel stressed at work, try to do some stress management that can help you stay level-headed. Make a plan for your stress management, like taking a break, listening to music, or going to the best acne treatment in Singapore.

Remember, it’s best to manage your stress to achieve a glass and smooth skin. To do so, enjoy the process and avoid overthinking

2) Hair Products and Your Hairstyle

Surprisingly, your hair products can also cause acne breakout, especially on your forehead. The acne on your forehead, called pomade, is usually the result of the hair products irritating your face. The irritated skin will have clogged pores with redness and pus. Another reason is your hairstyle because your bangs can also irritate the skin on the forehead.

To avoid this, make sure you’re protecting your forehead when using acne treatment products from Singapore. For instance, put a headband when you’re trying to do your skincare routine to avoid your bangs getting in the way.

3) Inappropriate Skincare Products

There are different skin types. Perhaps, you have oily, normal, dry, or combination skin. It can worsen your skin condition because the product’s properties cannot help your skin improve. Some acne treatment products also contain allergenic properties for your skin.

Before buying products online, consult your dermatologist to know your skin type so you can purchase skincare products appropriate for your skin needs. You can expect better results because you give what your skin needs. After having your needed skincare products, remember to stay consistent to get the best results.

4) Your Diet

What you put inside your mouth can also affect your skin condition. Food high in glycemic can worsen your acne because of its highly-processed content. If your diet includes white bread, white rice, baked goods, sugary beverages, and fries, you might need to limit your intake to prevent acne breakout. Instead, add some fruits and vegetables because they can give your skin the nutrients it needs.

When attending the best facial in Singapore, track your diet because it can help you get the best results. It’s a combined effort with what you put inside and outside your body.

5) Lack of Sleep

Do you have a demanding job and a stressful personal life? For this reason, it would be harder for you to get enough sleep. You might find yourself awake in the middle of the night thinking about your problems. Your anxiety will keep you troubled before dozing off. Getting little sleep will affect acne breakout because it increases cortisol levels responsible for inflammation and sebum production.

Going to the best facial treatment in Singapore may not be enough because you also need to give your body enough rest. In doing so, you can recuperate and improve your well-being, improving your skin condition, too.

6) You Don’t Remove Make-up

After partying all night long, or perhaps you’re working overtime for your work, you’ll feel tired to do skincare and go straight to bed without cleaning yourself. Without removing your make-up, it will have excess oil and clog your pores. If you do this continuously, you’ll surely experience acne breakout.

Since cleaning your face is essential, it’s better to use the proper acne treatment products in the right step. You have to cleanse, tone, and moisturiser. You can also add serums, eye cream, face masks and oils to upgrade your skincare routine.

7) Bad Habits: Smoking and Drinking

Bad habits like smoking and drinking can also worsen your acne breakouts. It releases inflammatory hormones that clog the pores. Starting today, try your best to stop your bad habits. It’s for your health too. Remember, a healthy body also promotes glowy and clear skin.

8) Not Consulting a Dermatologist

If you’re trying to self-diagnose, your acne breakout will only worsen. Don’t try remedies you see online because, most likely, it’s not appropriate for your skin. Visit a dermatologist to know the best acne treatment for your skin condition. Your dermatologist will also give you helpful tips to manage your acne breakout.

Remember, each skin is different, so what might work for your idol will not work for you, and vice versa. The best way is to discover appropriate solutions for your skin condition.

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