Why Accounting is a Good Professional Career

There are many professions in the world. For sure, people will choose a field that is fun, exciting and easy. And, of course, accounting is probably not on their list. When people think of accounting, the thing that will come into their mind is that it is all about calculating taxes, sitting on a desk, or attending meetings related to numbers. Hence, some people feel intimidated to pursue the world of accounting.

If you feel intimidated to pursue being a certified accountant in Singapore, you should know why achieving it will help you contribute to the betterment of society. So, continue reading this article to learn why choosing accounting as a career is beneficial with the help of ICAEW in Singapore. Plus, you will also learn the value of being an accountant in this modern world.

Why the World Needs Accountants

With the internet and social media, people think they can do things on their own. For instance, you can search how to solve taxes online. However, it is different with a professional touch. As you can see, information is just one click away. As a result, people do not rely on professionals. It includes a certified accountant, bookkeepers or chartered accountant in Singapore. But, it is not the reason for you to give up your dream of getting an accounting certification in Singapore! In this section, you will learn why the world needs accountants like you in the future.


Initiate Global Connection

There are many small businesses in the market and, to grow, they have to make connections. Of course, they should not only stay at home if they want to expand their business. Luckily, a certified accountant in Singapore can help you grow your business with their industry connections. This way, it will initiate global connections to start building relationships with other people from different countries.

See, it is a professional job, so accountants should also know their value in this world of convenience. If you want to pursue your dream as a certified or chartered accountant, keep in mind that you can contribute to the world by initiating global connections.

They Ensure Order

If you look at the bigger picture, accountants also can ensure order. Without them, there would be no one who will go into details about finance, bookkeeping, or taxes. Can you imagine a country without a certified accountant? It will impact the economy because they need someone who can ensure order through financial management.

If you become an accountant, you have the chance to contribute to a better beginning. After all, you can use your knowledge with the help of ICAEW in Singapore.

This way, you can provide services for the people and the country. On top of this, there is also an ACA qualification that will establish a foundation for being an accountant. In doing so, you can ensure they can stabilise the order of a country.

Expand the Business Industry

People say that money makes the world go round. Of course, money also means business. Can you think of a world without business transactions? Well, the world will stop! As you can see, business is everywhere. The local grocery, online shops and even institutions are part of the business world. With a chartered or certified accountant, they will ensure that businesses will function daily.

To give a clearer picture, small businesses around the world rely on their financial status. When they hire a certified or chartered accountant, they will calculate expenses, record transactions, consult, and advise clients. In doing so, they ensure that the world is still revolving around many people.

At this point, you already know the value of being an accountant in the world. Now, how can you pass the ACA qualification or accounting qualification? Well, continue reading to learn the qualities you need to become a certified accountant in Singapore. Hence, you can continue your journey in the accounting profession.


The Qualities You Need to Achieve Your Accounting Dream

Just like with any field, you need to acquire some skills to become a successful professional. Since you have the dream to become a certified accountant, it is helpful to know the qualities you need to pass the accounting qualification or ACA qualification. In this section, you’ll learn about the essential skills to practice. So, after reading this article, you can prepare yourself for pursuing your dream.


Organisational Skills

As an accountant, most of your clients are business owners. To give you an idea, your clients will ask for an update every end of the month. It includes revenue, sales and bookkeeping records. With this, your clients will know if they have made progress with their business.

So, how can your organisational skills as a certified accountant in Singapore give you an advantage? If you have an organised attitude, it will be easier for you to look for financial documents. Keep in mind that misplaced documents or disorganised papers can risk the financial status of a business.

Hence, start to practice organising at home. You can begin by arranging personal documents at home. This way, you can build a habit that will allow you to become more organised and coordinated.

Updated with Accounting Trends

The world is constantly changing, and so is the accounting profession. If you are eager to excel in this profession, you should also keep yourself updated with the latest accounting trends. On top of getting an accounting certification, you still need to educate yourself about the accounting profession. Remember, as a professional, learning never ends after graduating from university or school.

Plus, you will also avoid having a biased opinion that can help your client succeed in the future. To do this, you can attend seminars, certification classes or meet with other accountants in the industry. With this, you can expand your knowledge and learn from other experienced professionals in the industry.

Patience and Determination

You must know that it takes patience and determination to pursue your dream as a certified accountant in Singapore. You have to take exams, failures, success, and many tries before succeeding. As you can see, there is a high standard to ACA qualification or accounting certification in Singapore. So, it is better to have patience and determination to acquire all the knowledge and skills you need.

On top of this, accounting tasks are a long process. Hence, you need the patience to complete a job within a day. Plus, it is your responsibility to be accurate with your calculations. Without patience, there are chances that you will miscalculate financial data. As a result, it can damage your credibility.

Also, remember that it will be challenging if you keep on panicking when solving an accounting problem. To solve this, you should tell yourself that it is okay to make mistakes along the way. All you have to do is stand up again and pursue your dream to become a certified accountant in Singapore.


Since you’re dealing with financial statements, you need to be honest when dealing with your clients. First of all, you should be thankful that a client hired you. It is because they give their trust in your skills and services. Hence, show that you deserve it. To exhibit your reliability, be transparent when reporting about financial documents and business transactions.

If you are dishonest, it will risk the business of your clients. Remember that you have a role in making a business successful. With this, you can also show the knowledge you’ve learned from ICAEW in Singapore.

Better Communication Skills

You need to explain the terms, conditions, and procedures of your services. It is your responsibility when you become a certified accountant in Singapore. As a result, your clients will have a clear understanding of what to expect. With this, you can avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication. If you become a certified or chartered accountant in Singapore, make sure that you have communication skills when dealing with your clients.

Additionally, your communication skills will be an advantage when your clients have questions about your services. For instance, your clients have an inquiry about bookkeeping. For sure, you should answer them in a way that they can understand. You should also be aware of jargon and accounting terms that may be difficult for your clients to understand. Lastly, as a future certified accountant in Singapore, you should also show your dedication to improving customer service.

Give Importance to Details

Most importantly, you need to give importance to details as a certified accountant in Singapore. Keep in mind that you need to learn large amounts of information and summarise it for your clients. You should make it understandable for other people. On top of the ACA qualification and accounting certification in Singapore, you also need to practice being a detail-oriented person.

As a result, you will be able to give your clients accurate information about their financial data. To be detail-oriented, you should recheck your work and research multiple possibilities. In doing so, you can ensure that the details are correct for the clients.

Now that you know the qualities you need to become a successful certified or chartered accountant in Singapore. Moving forward, it is also advisable to learn why it is a good decision to pursue it as your professional career. Read the next section to know why accounting helps grow your career.


Why Accounting is a Good Career

Most people believe that an accounting career is boring. However, there are more reasons to pursue it. Just like you, who have the passion of becoming a certified accountant in Singapore, you must learn the reasons why accounting is one of the best professional careers for your personal and career development. Additionally, there are many job opportunities in the market. But, if you want to stick with accounting, keep on reading this section to know why it will be an exciting journey for you.


Become a Member of Reputable Organisations

As a certified or chartered accountant in Singapore, you can become a member of reputable organisations. With this, you have access to information resources for your professional growth. Also, you can meet with other professionals in the industry for career advice.

If you want to pursue an accounting career, you should apply for membership in ICAEW in Singapore. ICAEW means Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. It is an organisation that supports students and professionals around the world. For this reason, make sure you pass the accounting certification in Singapore to have a premium qualification for the membership.

More Career Opportunities

A certified accountant in Singapore has many career opportunities. Some may start at a public accounting firm, but there are more career paths you can consider! You can work at a government or in a private company. You can also land a job as an auditor, tax expert or bookkeeper.

See, you have many chances to become successful in the accounting profession. All you have to do is look for an applicable job for your skills, personality and knowledge. Also, keep in mind that you should open yourself up to opportunities and advance your career.

Lifelong Learning Journey

As a certified or chartered accountant in Singapore, expect to have a lifelong learning journey in your life. In accounting, there is always a chance. For sure, You will learn something new along the way. If you land a membership at ICAEW in Singapore, you can even gain benefits such as advice, support services, and professional assistance. In conclusion, make sure to stay humble and seek learning opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge.


 ICAEW: Helping You to Achieve Your Accounting Dream

As a person with goals and aspirations, use it as your fuel to make your dreams come true. However, dreaming big is not enough. You also have to make an action plan. You need to acquire accounting certification in Singapore to practice being an accountant. On top of this, you must pass some qualifications, such as the ACA qualification. See, dreaming big with determined action will help you achieve your dreams!

If you want to become a chartered or certified accountant in Singapore, start partnering with ICAEW in Singapore. They have professionals who can assist you and support your goals.

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