What is poker- An elaborate introduction

There are many online and offline casinos where people like to go and play poker. One such online casino is Judi Poker Online where people can play a lot of games. People should choose such a game, which is easy to play and win. People must be familiar with the basics of poker and in this article, we will discuss it.

Origin of poker

Poker is said to be originated in Germany where it was played with the name of Pochen. People have taken the game to France and the French version was named Poque. The next place where the game was taken to is New Orleans. It got the name of poker in the 1830s and later on various variants of the game have been developed.

Pack used in the game

The game involves 52 cards. In some games, the pack also includes one or two jokers. Usually, the game is played with one pack but now two packs with contrast colors are being used. In this case, one pack is used to play while the other one is made ready for the next game. The compilation and shuffling of the used pack are done by the precious dealer while the current dealer uses the other pack for the game.


The most important part of poker games is betting. Players have the option of betting in each hand where they have to take different actions. In most of the games, there are four rounds but the betting starts before dealing with the cards. The actions taken by the players in any betting round are as follows.


This is an action in which a player can decline the opportunity of making a bet but wants to remain in the game. A player can take this action only if none other players have made a bet. If any player has placed a bet, no player is allowed to check. If all the players have adopted to check and decline the opportunity of betting, the round is said to be completed.

Bet In this action, players have to place a bet on the amount available in the pot.


In this action, people need to call the bet placed by the previous players. The calling should be equal to the amount available in the pot.


In this action, players can raise the amount in the pot by raising the bet. Here first the players have to place a bet, which is equal to the amount available in the pot and then they can raise it to a set limit. If another player wants to call the bet, the calling should be equal to the amount raised by the previous player.


In this action, if the player thinks that he will not be able to win and wants to leave the game, he can take the action and surrender his cards. He will not get the opportunity to play in the current game. He will have to wait for the next one.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the basics, which people need to keep in mind while playing a poker variant from a website like Judi Poker Online.