What is a Building Survey and Why Should I Get One?

A Building Survey will help you identify and deal with any problems before they become major problems. It is usually carried out when a new building is being constructed (even if it is being constructed partly in an existing building) and involves the inspection of the entire structure, including any associated sub-systems, and any systems that need attention, such as gas leakage. In addition, a Building Survey should be undertaken if one of the main purposes of the new building is to be used as an office. If you are thinking about doing major works on the building or are taking advantage of an existing building which you intend to remodel, then a Building Survey is always recommended. This Building Survey Chelmsford based company, Sam Conveyancing, are perfect. ,

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When conducting a building survey, it pays to do so in two phases. The first part of the process involves an appraisal of the current condition of the building, taking into account its external condition, the condition of any heating and cooling systems, roof condition and so on. Then the second part of the process involves the comparison of this information with information from previous valuations and any comparable buildings (which may have fallen into disrepair prior to your purchase) to identify any changes to the market value of the building.

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There are many different parts to a Building Survey, and these include an inventory of all the building’s contents, a description of the condition of each item of inventory (including a detailed description of any visible condition), a detailed description of structural problems, including any visible deficiencies and any issues relating to the condition of the building envelope. If there are any structural faults, then these will also be described. A complete inventory should include floor plans and photos of each room. Photos will be especially important if there is a structural imbalance in the building. If you were purchasing a home, then you would want to know what condition it was in before you even considered buying it.

You should always get a Building Survey, whether it is pre-sale or not. A Building Survey will not only help to eliminate the problem of false claims when purchasing a property, but it will also help to locate any defects in the building that might affect your ability to live in it comfortably. In the UK, all licensed Building Surveys must be registered with the Office of Building Regulations (ONCR). If your property does not meet these requirements, then you should not be considering it as a purchase in the first place.

A Building Survey should be undertaken by someone who has experience and knowledge in this field, preferably with a Building Surveyor certificate to show proof of the surveyor’s competence. If you wish to conduct a Building Survey yourself, then it is advisable that you employ the services of either a reputable Building Surveyor or surveyors that have certificates of standing.