What Infertility Treatment in Singapore Does TCM Offer?

For many couples, having children is one of the happiest milestones in life. However, it is also true that some women may suffer infertility or constant miscarriage. If you can relate to this problem or know someone who is, it will be good to know how TCM for fertility can help.

How TCM Views Infertility

A sexually active couple who attempted to conceive for a year but was unable to do so is said to be experiencing infertility. It could be brought on by health issues, heredity, stress, or medications. On the other hand, Traditional Chinese Medicine has a different perspective on infertility. There is a whole practice as TCM for fertility that addresses the issues related to the inability to conceive.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), obstructions in the flow of Qi energy, poor circulation of blood in the body, and disturbed balance are to blame for infertility. Blocking the free flow of energy might result in deficiency, stagnation, or heat sickness leading to the inability to follow the natural tendencies of our bodies. TCM offers alternative infertility treatment in Singapore.

Why Choose TCM

There are various reasons why a couple finds it difficult to conceive. For one, it may relate to the genetics of one of both parties which is hard to pin down. While the couple may assume they suffer infertility due to their bloodline, it is difficult to prove so. Stress, lifestyle, and vices may or may not be the cause of infertility too. All in all, it is difficult to know what is causing a couple’s infertility.

For this reason, medication can be difficult. In reality, only a few medical practices offer infertility treatment. TCM might be your closest lifeline.

Moreover, TCM for fertility has very few reports of downsides. Whether or not you will successfully conceive after the infertility treatment, TCM offers a holistic way to make our bodies healthier. Thus, many couples are opting for TCM, and so should you.

Infertility Treatment Available Under TCM

Another good thing about TCM for fertility is that it offers not just a single infertility treatment for couples. It entails that should one option not work, you may also try another. With your TCM doctor’s approval, you may also combine treatments for better results. Here are some of the TCM treatments for infertility:


Acupuncture is by far, the most familiar TCM treatment today and there is a distinct use of acupuncture for fertility in Singapore. In this treatment, the doctor will insert acupuncture needles into certain vital points to promote the flow of Qi in the body.

Fertility Herbs

TCM also uses herbs to promote fertility among women and couples. These herbs can be made into concoctions or served as food or beverages. Daily intake of these herbs is expected to promote fertility.


Wellness massages for womb or lymphatic drainage in Singapore are said to promote fertility. As TCM believes that the disrupted flow of Qi is the cause of infertility, massaging the body can help bring back its balance.

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