What Happens in Regrouting Your Bathroom Tiles?

Most homeowners have a love and hate relationship when it comes to cleaning their bathrooms. They love how it looks after cleaning it, but they hate doing the job. You cannot blame them since every nook and cranny of a bathroom needs a deep cleaning to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria. If you have a mild case of being a germ freak, it is understandable that you ensure a clean bathroom every day. It is a universal fact that keeping your bathroom clean can have positive effects on the health and safety of your family. Thus, every detail must have your attention, even the grout that holds your tiles in place. It is one of the areas where microorganisms live and flourish when left unchecked from time to time. If this happens it is best to hire a regrouting professional in Singapore to maintain the cleanliness in your bathroom!

In this article, you will learn the importance of deep cleaning your bathroom and what you can expect from the process of regrouting service from a professional.

The Cleanliness of Your Bathroom

Before you dive into some benefits of replacing your grout with another type of material, such as marble gum grout or even acrylic types, you must know the reasons why deep cleaning your bathroom is a homeowner’s responsibility!

Bathrooms naturally attract dirt and grime. Hence, becoming one of the most difficult rooms to clean in a house. However, there is always a return on investment or a benefit when you give deep cleaning attention to your bathroom, such as:

  • Reduce breathing problems for people with lung conditions
  • Kill bacterias, viruses, and pathogens
  • Avoid clutter to be a cause of accidents
  • Eliminate the musty smell
  • Clean-up spillages that your children make

These are some of what regular deep cleaning would do to your bathroom and your family’s health! It must be a priority of most homeowners to prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria that could cause most stomach issues, athlete’s foot fungus, and staph.

While the tools you use for cleaning is essential, the quality of materials that keeps your bathroom intact also plays a crucial role. For instance, you would prefer to regrout your old epoxy grout for an acrylic grout in Singapore to prevent loose tiles due to the fluctuating temperatures of the country’s climate. If you are planning to regrout your tiles due to factors like this, you should know the process involved in doing so.

The Process of Professional Regrouting

Removing your former grout from the seams and replacing them with fresh ones with the help of a professional could be a piece of cake! It is the best thing about getting help and it leaves you with some peace of mind knowing that a pair of expert hands are handling your regrouting in Singapore.

Here, you will know about the process of regrouting that they will do:

  • Grinding the old grout out of the way

There are special tools that are designed to remove any types of grout. One of them is blades with diamond chips to make pulverised grout easy to remove. It is the first step to regrouting, and you can expect a lot of dust and debris splattered on your bathroom floor. A vacuum cleaner would do the cleaning job easy for you!

  • Clearing the grout lines

To ensure that your new grout bought locally in Singapore will take its rightful place in between your tiles, these professionals will clean the path for them. Another round of grinding would be enough to remove residual grout in your tiles’ edges that could damage your tiles. Providing them with a vacuum would reduce the mess that it will make than its first time.

  • Mixing the grout

Grout in Singapore may come in different packages, but it has the same mixing process. It is crucial to get the right type of thickness and smooth, paste-like consistency that would allow easy application. Whichever type of brand that you choose, trust that your hired professional will get the right mix that is pourable to small or big joints of your tiles!

  • Filling the grout joints

The highlight of regrouting is, of course, the filling of the grout joints. Here, your hired professional grouting service provider in Singapore will carefully sweep a load of grout through the spaces until fully absorbed into the joints. The excess grout could be used for the next areas of the tiles, and they will scoop and swipe until all of your tiles’ joints are filled in!

  • Sponging the newly applied growth

The process of filling the grout joints is inevitably messy, so you or your hired professional should sponge the areas of your tiles where new grout was applied. Ensure that the sponge is barely wet, and avoid pressing too hard on the tile surface. This slow cleaning method will aid in removing all the excess grout, making your tiles look new and clean!

This process may sound easy, but it takes an expert’s hand to make a grout application seem natural! Once you find the right and trustworthy service provider, you will get the results that you are expecting.

Grouting Service from Grout Pro Tech

Some homeowners may opt to do a DIY application of their marble gum grout, but a professional can always assure a high-quality regrouting finish! Trust that the experts at Grout Pro Tech will give you the quality work that you expect. They are one of the most trusted products and services providers in Singapore that can get you any grout product brand on the market!

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