What Are the Best Sunniest Cities in The United States?

Weather is one of the important factors that many people consider when deciding the best place for relocation in the US. A majority of people look to move to sunnier places as those places provide them a good dose of vitamin D and relaxation.

There are numerous benefits of getting adequate exposure to sunlight. It helps in bone growth, enhances sleep, mood, a robust immune system, weight loss, and low blood pressure. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best places in the US that can get you endless sunshine.

La Palma, Canary Islands

The average temperature recorded at this place is 19°C. The greenery, pine-scented air, and pristine night skies help clear the lungs. Waterfalls and rock pools, sun filled rooms, rooftop terraces, gardens, etc. creates a pleasant ambiance.

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The average temperature at the place in March is 19°C. It is amongst the most desirable places in Europe. The sun shines at this place for eight hours. The mild temperature at the place makes it ideal for beach trips.

The stunning dive spots, a ferry that sank on a maiden voyage rank it the best wreck dives worldwide. Incredible frescoed Byzantine churches, the micro-wineries, vineyards, grape terraces are some of the top attractions that captivate every person.

San Diego

The average temperature recorded at the place is 19°C. This is an eternal beach-bum city that is known for its soothing and relaxing temperature. People love to indulge in surfing, volleyball games, along the Pacific Beach boardwalk. You can find a lot of energy in the exploding street art-scene or trying new dishes at its restaurants and cocktail bars.

Whitsunday Islands

The average temperature of the place is 22°C. The days at the place are longer and sunnier. This along with the whitest beaches and clearest waters makes it perfect for sailing. Elysian, one of the secluded places gets busy in the spring season. Oceanfront villas, rainforest views, and Australian hardwood interiors make it the most inviting place.

Sarasota, Florida

The average temperature recorded at this place in the month of march is 25°c. This city is not much visited by people but offers a spectacular aspiring gloss. Visitors are awe-struck looking at brilliant mid-century-modern architecture, waterside tiki bars, powdery beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, hippie-surfer-yogis, yachting, and more.

The places such as Paul Rudolph’s 1953 cube house, Casey Key Fish House, Lido Key Tiki Bar at Ritz-Carlton are some of the best attractions of the place.


The US is a vast country with several different states. Not all of them get an adequate amount of sunlight. There is seen an increasing craze among people for sunnier places. If sun exposure is a top priority in your moving checklist, then you should consider the above states will help you make the decision.