Understanding Cancer: An Overview Of Cancer Treatment In Singapore

Nothing is more heartbreaking than finding out that you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer. It is frightening to hear, and you may feel that there is nothing you can do to get well and survive cancer.

However, as scary as cancer sounds, there are so many things you can learn about and eventually discover cancer treatment based in Singapore. Just give yourself a chance to know more about cancer, and then you can understand it better.

It may break your heart after hearing the news that you or someone special to you have cancer, but by gaining knowledge of it, you can learn what exactly it is and how you can fight it.

You have to be a strong person in your battle against cancer. It is okay to cry and let go of all the anger you feel and ask why such a precious person like you or people you love has to go through this cancer journey. Express it all, but never forget to hope and believe you will surpass this challenge.

Find out more about cancer and know more about cancer treatment in Singapore.

What Is Cancer?

Cancer is any disease of uncontrollable growth and the division of abnormal cells in a person’s body. It is a collection of diseases with cellular roots. The human body composes of cells that provide structure and functions for the body.

Cells are the basic structure and unit that functions in the human body. It takes in nutrients from the food you intake, which converts those nutrients into energy and is responsible for special functions.

As unusual as it sounds, cell deaths are normal. Normal body cells will divide, grow and then die and stop growing. Multi-cell organisms use the physiological mechanisms of cell death for development and morphogenesis, to regulate cell quantity, and as a defensive tactic to eliminate infected, mutant, or damaged cells.

Cell death is normal; what makes it abnormal is not dying when it is supposed to. Cancer develops when abnormal cells quickly multiply and spread throughout the body. The clustering of cancer cells forms tumours, which is very deadly.

The cancerous cells harm the healthy tissues of a person’s body and destroy the normal cells that surround it. It can also spread to different organs and form new tumours.

As it is a common misconception, cancer is not a transmissible disease. You cannot catch it from different people or by having physical contact with them. Cancer is not a contagious disease that can quickly spread from person to person unless your parents or a relative pass down their genes to you, which may be a risk of developing cancer.

Consulting an oncology doctor is more profound in finding out if you have cancer. An oncologist is a cancer doctor that diagnoses and treats cancer. Therefore, consulting an oncology doctor is highly recommended as they have a lot of knowledge about cancer and are authorised to diagnose you.

You can look for a trustable and authorised cancer doctor in Singapore to explain cancer and what possible cancer treatment you can get. Have faith in yourself that you or someone you love can survive cancer.

Even if it is difficult, try to look on the brighter side and never stop smiling. You have many days to look forward to, so trust that you will get cured. The sun doesn’t stop shining after the breakthroughs of scary storms. You are a fantastic fighter, and you are a beautiful person! You and your important people can get through this.

As you gain knowledge about cancer, venture your way to learning about cancer treatment in Singapore.

Discovering Cancer Treatments


There is always hope! The fear inside your chest may be immense, but do not be discouraged by it because there is a cancer treatment you can get in Singapore. The choice of cancer treatment depends on the type of cancer a person has.

An oncology doctor is skilled in finding out what kind of cancer you or someone you love has. Therefore, you can expect to get the proper treatment to cure cancer. Although a person could have only one treatment for cancer, combinations of other treatments are possible. It will depend on your oncology doctor.

Here are the cancer treatments.

1. Surgery.

Surgery is a necessary cancer treatment. Getting rid of cancer cells or the tumour inside a person’s body is done through surgery. In addition, surgery on cancer is an excellent way to discover how far cancer has reached in your body.

During surgery, surgeons frequently cut your body with tiny scalpels and thin knives. Cuttings through the skin, muscles, and occasionally bone are standard during surgery. These wounds can be uncomfortable and take some time to heal after surgery.

2. Chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses drugs and medications to kill cancer cells. It targets rapidly dividing cells. However, chemotherapy may cause severe side effects to the cancer patient.

3. Radiation therapy.

One of the most prevalent cancer therapies is radiation therapy. Radiation therapy often combines surgery, chemotherapy, hormone, or targeted therapy. You can look for authorised cancer doctors that offer skilful radiation therapy in Singapore. High-powered energy beams, such as X-rays or protons, are used in radiation therapy to kill cancer cells.

Breast cancer treatment  includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It will depend on what type of treatment your breast cancer doctor in Singapore recommends to you.

An oncology doctor will give you the proper breast cancer treatment you can get in Singapore. You can entrust them to which treatment is suitable for your case.

Nonetheless, all of these cancer treatments aim for one thing–-to cure cancer. There is always room for treatments; you need to trust that you can get healed, as believing in yourself is the most important thing you can do in fighting cancer.

In this fight, know that you are never alone and in case that your loved one is dealing with cancer, be there for them. Let them feel that they are loved and valued. Spend the days supporting in their fight with cancer. Yours and their fight always have a purpose and that is to live.

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