Top Tips to Score Good in English-Language Test

You have landed on this page; it signifies that you are gathering relevant information to qualify for English-language B1 test booking. English may not be your native language so it is obvious to clear an International English language test to study abroad. The English test format is different from your school exams. Therefore, you need to put some extra effort into the preparation. You need to study strategically to achieve your desired score. Here are some practical tips to consider before you appear in an English language test.

Recognize your strengths and weaknesses

You may be aware of the content of the exam, and also aware of your weaknesses. You need to work on your weaknesses to enhance your chances of success. People who are aware of their weak points can easily eliminate them from their life. For example, if you are unable to read fast, then concentrate more on improving your reading speed.

Make a study plan

Right strategies will not only help you score higher, but they will also save your time and you will be able to polish your other skills. Remember they will not only assess your English-language, but they will check your other skills too. After you have completed your research, you can tailor a study plan in accordance to your weaknesses and strengths.

Study material

You can join a preparation course online as well as off-line. This course will provide study material along with tips. If you are unable to get access to English language preparation courses, then you can take the services of a qualified private teacher. He/she will guide you in making a study plan; this will help you study and overcome your weaknesses.

Practice will make you perfect

Practice will enhance your confidence level. If you are not good at speaking English, then find a partner. Your partner can be from your office, your English guidance cell, or from your family. Regular English speaking with your partner will help you overcome your hesitation. You need to read English magazines, watch movies, listen to English songs, news and podcasts. To get a fast and organic result, create an English-speaking environment around you.

Check out the official website

The best source to get information about your English-language test is the official website. You can check rules and regulations, test format, and other valuable information over there.

When you think you are ready to face the music, test yourself by answering previous question papers within the same timeframe. This will help you check the level of your preparation.

Other useful tips

  • Do not forget to take a good night’s sleep before the exam day. Remember tiredness will serve as an obstacle and you will not be able to concentrate properly.
  • Do not go empty stomach to your exam center.
  • Pay proper attention to punctuation and spelling. With every spelling mistake, you are going to lose a point. Improper punctuation will make the examiner feel that English-language is not your cup of tea.
  • Do not take the importance of the word limit for granted.