Top 5 Rules in Renovating Your Condo

After a stressful day at work and a hassle commute, we all want to come to a nice warm home where we can sit back and relax. For the past decade, condominiums have become the home of a lot of people. Many purchase condominiums over house and lot and apartment because it is cheaper, complete with amenities and closer to the city and business districts. 

Although having your own condominium unit has its advantage, it also gives some drawbacks. In terms of interior design, condominiums usually have a plain and uniform design. Redesigning and renovating condominiums is complex as it lacks the flexibility a house has. 

However, everything is possible today. If you are planning to transform the look of your condominium, let this article guide you in the dos and don’ts of renovating.

  1. Plan Your Condo Interior Design

Planning your condo’s interior design before touching anything is important. Renovation requires a lot of cash and time, and there are a lot of considerations before finalizing the design. 

  • Who are you living with

If you are a couple living together, you should come up with a design that suits your preference together. Designing the interior of your condo is supposed to be fun and should not cause any dispute. Finding common ground is a good start.

  • The functionality of the design

Foot traffic in a small condo is inevitable if you live with your family. Considering the functionality of each area to maximize the space inside the condo unit is practical. Planning a design for a family with babies can be tricky as well. The child-friendliness of the design, as well as the materials that will be installed, should be considered.

With a few tweaks, creativeness, and smart design, you can still make the condo look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes having to consider a lot of things behind it. 

  1. Budget 

The budget needed for renovation is not necessarily small. With the materials, manpower and even getting accommodation before moving into your fully renovated home needs a lot of cash. Make sure not to blow off your budget because of the most common construction mistakes. Doing thorough research can save you from the horror of spending. 

Renovator contractors in Singapore offer different renovation packages. Take advantage of these packages. Cheaper renovation packages and services don’t always save you money. Make sure to check your contractor’s portfolio. Ask them about their previous projects. Check if the materials they use comply with the standards set by the government. If possible, look for feedback and reviews from its previous clients.

Most cases, construction mistakes and mishaps blow off the budget. Repairs and replacement are much more expensive. Hiring the most trusted and credible renovator contractors in Singapore will prevent you from spending extra money for structural damages.

  1. Legal Documents

Before jackhammers touch your floor, make sure you have all the permits and authorization in your hand. There are several permits you should complete before proceeding with the s major renovation in Singapore condominiums. 

Applying for a renovation permit to the Building Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) is required for those living in private properties such as a condominium. Your building and structural plan must be approved by the BCA.

Major alterations that will affect the facade and floor area of the building may require additional permits and authorization.

However, some small and minor renovation may be exempted from the renovation permit. Visit the page of the Building Construction Authority of Singapore for more information regarding the permits.

  1. Schedule

Renovation projects in Singapore normally have a timeline to follow. Working overnight in the building is usually not allowed since it causes a disturbance in the neighbourhood. 

Normally, renovation takes four to eight months to finish. But it all depends on the size and the drastic changes that are needed to be done. Renovation contractors in Singapore normally can give the shortest building period without compromising the quality of the construction. But of course, it will all fall on how capable your chosen renovation contractors are. Contractors with the most advanced technology and machinery will get the job done early.

Rushing your renovation contractor is a terrible idea. It may jeopardise the structural integrity of the renovation. The consequences of it are quite dangerous when a disaster strikes. 

  1. Comply with The Building Rules

What makes renovation projects in Singapore condominiums a bit difficult is the building rules. Building rules should be considered when planning the interior design of your condo. The admin of the condominium buildings provides requirements, limitations and rules and regulations before starting a renovation. 

Some buildings do not allow the windows to be touched or put in a different place. Replacing electrical and gas fixtures can also be limited depending on the rules. They can also check the materials you will use.

Your condo’s building board can also assign the date when you can start your renovation project. They might also ask for your design and building plan before proceeding to the renovation project.

It is not them being nosy, they just want to ensure the safety of the building and its occupants during the whole process. Communicating with your building’s board will prevent disputes among the other unit owners. For a smooth sailing renovation, always consult your building board.

Renovation is such a difficult project to push through and execute. If planning renovating a normal house is already complicated, what more for a condominium? Imagine elevating construction materials several stories up in the building and bringing it down. The key to smooth sailing condo renovation and interior design is well-planning. Poor planning can lead to more problems. By reading this guide, you now know the basic things you can consider before your renovation.

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