The Situation Behind US National Emergency and Huawei Ban

The US President Donald Trump called for a national emergency on 15th May 2019 and signed a new executive order which eventually identifies and describes the US cybersecurity’s confrontation with USSR and China, and though not espionage, sabotage the situation as one of the principals and main threat from foreign countries. In the process, the executive order further furnished certain provisions for the administration of the US government to identify and label certain countries as adversaries along with imposing us ban on Huawei the Telcos of China. Ultimately, this move of the government of the US is sufficient and sure for instigating anger among the superpower competitors around the world.

This move of the government of the US is the evidence of the US cybersecurity policy which has been in the process of building to this point since 2015. At the same time, along with the US, other countries such as Australia also seem to be strongly dedicated with the emerging firm steps of the US to protect and promote national infrastructure and assets from the security breaches originated from other countries.

In this context, the sabotage may refer and define a situation of political crisis when an adversary country can interfere and cause critical damages to the cybersecurity infrastructure, assets, internet and communication technology. This situation further can affect the digital economy of the country especially resulting in intellectual property theft. However, this recent development as well as the steps taken by the US administration is neither an all on a sudden reaction nor coming out of the blue, rather the policies and strategies regarding the process were already issued by the White House formerly.

The executive order clearly defines and places a strict ban on the US individuals and business corporations or companies to do any kind of business transactions with foreign ICT business companies of the countries which have been formally described as adversary countries by the US administration. In addition to this, the executive order also clearly mentions that the services and products that are banned will include the products and services supplied, owned and controlled by the persons who are from the foreign adversary countries. In this context, the US very explicitly indicates that China and the USSR have been undertaking cyber-related performances which are a threat to the national security of the US though this has not been mentioned in the sabotage, this is an indicator that the US may soon declare China and the USSR as adversaries. When that happens, United States borders will certainly be closed against them, and judging by how the world expects them to respond, war could very well be on song. As of yet, tempers have already been frayed, and all efforts to restore cordiality continues to meet a brick wall. It should be noted – No war is a simple war. You can buy AK 47’s from Palmetto State Armory’s online store.