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Enameling of jewelry has been used since ancient times. The marguerite is probably the most famous and beloved enamel piece of jewelry. The jewelry was originally made for the wedding of Crown Princess Ingrid and Crown Prince Frederik in 1935. It was in memory of Ingrid’s mother, who was called Daisy just as the jewelry is today.


Diamonds symbolize feminism and strength and it is said that: ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. And at the same time it is one of the hardest minerals in the world! Diamonds are formed from carbon, which has been far below the earth’s surface and has been subjected to enormous pressure. So even though diamond is one of the hardest minerals in the world, it can actually burn due to its element.


Rough diamonds just look like ordinary stones. The largest crude diamond ever found was in 1905 near Pretoria in South Africa. It was in 3106 carats, which corresponds to a weight of 621.2 grams. Diamonds are evaluated on the basis of four different parameters, which in professional speech are called ‘The 4 Cs’: Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut.

Carat is assessed on the basis of the weight of the diamond and finally must not be confused with the carat of gold. 1 carat corresponds to a weight of 0.2 grams. Using the Black Diamond Rings also falls under this category.


Stands for the clarity of the diamond the clearer it is, the more it is worth. Clarity is important for the light reflection in the diamond. A less clear diamond can therefore not reflect light in the same way as a whole ‘pure’ diamond.

Errors in the diamonds

The clarity is reduced by the so-called inclusions, which normally describes any small ‘defects’ in the diamond. Not all inclusions can be spotted with the naked eye, but luckily you are made aware of them via the diamond ‘clarity stamping’. The inclusions from VVS1 to SI1 can only be seen below 10 times magnification, whereas the diamonds with larger inclusions can be seen without magnification.


The completely white and clear diamonds are rare and thus more valuable than, for example, the black and yellow, which occur more often. The rarest and most expensive diamonds are the very colorful ones, including especially blue and pink diamonds. The color of the diamonds can be inserted in a scheme from D to Z, in which D has the least color and Z has the most.

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The only human impact on the diamond is cut

Stands for the pruning of the diamond and it are the only parameter that is not created by nature. The goal of the cut is to create the best light reflection in the diamond. They can be cut into many shapes, but the round brilliant-cut is the most common, as it provides the best light reflection. The diamonds are ground with other diamonds due to the hard material.

Be on the safe side

Some also mention a fifth C, which stands for certificate. A certificate assures you that an independent institution has assessed the diamond.

Can diamonds lose their beauty?

Diamonds have a property that makes them water-repellent, which is why they are also extremely susceptible to grease and dirt. It also means that they can lose some of their beauty with daily use. The fat causes the diamond’s brilliance to diminish, so they must be cleaned often to achieve the ultimate beauty through the play of light.

Get the fat off with Ajax!

When cleaning diamonds, the primary focus should be on getting rid of the grease, as there is not much else that can affect their appearance. Therefore, dishwashing liquid and Ajax are often recommended. It immediately sounds very primitive in terms of cleaning some of the world’s most expensive material, but it works!

Cleaning your diamonds

Detergent:  An easy, quick and inexpensive solution is to mix detergent and water and leave the diamond for ten minutes or longer. You can then brush them, possibly with a toothbrush, to get the last grease off.

Ajax:  Take the toothbrush and dip it in the bowl with undiluted Ajax and then brush your diamond ring well and thoroughly. Then rinse the ring with lukewarm water. Blow the excess water off the diamond.

When cleaning your diamonds, be careful not to scratch the precious metal on which the diamond is attached. Also, pay extra attention to the fact that rose-cut diamonds do not tolerate any kind of liquid. You can also go to a jeweler and get a cleaning fluid recommended or have the jeweler clean the diamond with ultrasound. And in fact, you can even acquire an ultrasound machine.

Precious Stones

Gemstone is a natural product, a piece of mineral that is extracted from the earth’s interior. This means that impurities and variations can occur in the individual gemstone. It also means that two gems can share hue and shape, yet never be completely identical every single gem is unique!

The diamond is a gemstone!

There are many different types of gemstones, some of the most famous being said to be sapphire, ruby, diamond, emerald and amethyst. Materials such as amber, coral and pearls are also referred to as gemstones.

What exactly makes the individual gemstone something special can be anything from the color, the way it shines and the hardness of the stone to a particular inclusion or the rare occurrence of the stone.


  • Some call the ruby ​​the queen of gems.
  • The sapphire symbolizes truth and permanence.
  • The definition of a real gemstone implies beauty, durability and rarity. In order for a stone to be considered ‘noble’, it must possess these three qualities in whole or in part.

First of all, the stone must be beautiful. If it is not beautiful, then it is almost impossible to create a demand for the stone no matter how rare it may be. In addition, it must be durable the stone must not break during normal use. Finally, it must be rare but of course at the same time available.

Gemstones can lose their luster

Like pearls, gemstones risk losing their beautiful luster if exposed to oils, creams, perfumes and detergents. If you have an accident, you can easily clean your gemstones how exactly you should clean them, however, depends on the hardness of the gemstone.