Some of the Best Ways to Style Layered Necklaces

There are different types of ornaments that accentuate a woman’s beauty. Besides rings and earrings, layered necklaces are another creative and cool way to dress for any occasion. To know the right way to style them, read this post.

Pendant stacking

Layered necklaces are a great way to make attire stylish and interesting in the winter season. A beautifully curated and artistic layered pearl pendant necklace adds definition to your rolled neck jumper or plain turtleneck. You can even pair it with chunkier knitwear and delicate pendants.

Wear adjustable necklace chain pendants to beautify a textile canvas. It creates an illusion of pattern on plain outfits. To give a modern touch to your look, you can choose the same lengths of pendant side by side. Pair them with zodiac accompaniments for relaxed look.

You can even try styling different heights of pendant for a more fashion-forward aesthetics. Choose a single gemstone and play around with colors for a modern stylish look. You can even try delicate short length necklaces that teams well with longer necklaces and impart a tiered finish.

Layered lengths

Gemstones in different lovely colors look very attractive and appealing to eyes. You can create an attractive collar effect by joining a pendant necklace and a beaded choker together. This will look best in a low-cut top.

Another impressive way by which you can accessorize your pendant necklace is by using a pearl string. This will impart a modern twist and a timeless elegance at the same time. Pink colored pearl choker will be the best option that you can consider in this situation. This look is ideal to combine different metals like pairing silver with rose gold.

Diamond details

For a more individualistic touch, you can try stacking a delicate necklace with larger sized pendants. It will give a gorgeous look to your personality. Flashy white diamonds will decorate your neckline. Diamonds casted in 14K gold set create an iridescent ‘V’ silhouette. Contrast them against the aesthetic of bolder ornament pieces to look simply stunning.


Using all the above ways, you can easily wear a layered necklace for any event.