Mindful Practices: How to Stay Focused When Doing Yoga

Yoga is a good choice if you want to lose weight. However, the purpose of yoga classes in Singapore is not just about aesthetics because yoga is more than that. Yoga is more like looking deep inside your soul and getting in touch with nature. To achieve this, you have to be mindful and focus on what you are doing. But in this modern-day, it’s not easy to concentrate on one thing as attention span is getting worse due to the influence of social media.

For yoga practitioners, the common problem is to stay concentrated when doing poses and breathing exercises. Their minds might wander off to different parts of their memory. Some remember their problems, while others get distracted by their noisy thoughts. If you catch yourself drifting off to other memories, you can use this article to help you stay mindful when attending yoga classes.

How to Become Mindful When Doing Yoga

Many things can trouble your mind from your stressful job, a complicated relationship or perhaps personal problems. Entering a yoga studio with this mindset can hinder your performance, not if you know how to calm your thoughts. Luckily, yoga is a practice that helps you stay relaxed because it teaches you breathing techniques and the foundation of “you are bigger than your problems.”

As a beginner in your yoga instructor course, here are some tips to help you stay mindful throughout your sessions.


1) Clean Your Environment

Your environment can also distract you from being mindful. For instance, a loud TV speaker that plays random news clips or the sight of your phone tempts you to watch your favourite series. Therefore, before starting your Chinese yoga for beginners, clean the environment around you by clearing the space. Or much better you can go to a place with many plants and less crowded.

If you don’t have a choice and your only option is to stay at home, make sure you have an adequate space to do yoga. As much as possible, your area should only contain your yoga mat and yourself. Try to lessen random items and furniture near you.

2) Just Focus on The Present Moment

The what-ifs in your head can make you feel anxious in the future. What if I don’t pass the exams? What if I can’t pass the job interview? What if I grow old alone? Many questions have no answer because you’re still in the present moment. Instead of finding what would happen, why not just stay where you are and count the blessings you have right now.

While doing your yoga poses at a yoga instructor course, you can chant in your head mantras like I am living in the present, I am in control of my life, Be in the moment and so on. This way, you’ll have a better state of mind.

3) Avoid Judging Other People

Do you have many classmates in your Chinese yoga class for beginners? And for sure, people come in different sizes and shapes. Some are on the slim or petite side, while others are curvy. As a human being, it’s natural to judge other people and say you comment on yourself. You might say to yourself: Why is she wearing that crop top? It doesn’t look good on her. If you catch yourself speaking this, try to rethink and focus your thoughts on yourself.

When you judge other people, you focus on their outward appearance and your environment. The goal of yoga is to focus on yourself and your goals. Try to return your thoughts on your goals, inspirations, and plans. As such, you’ll be able to look into yourself and calm your mind.

4) Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

When you judge other people, you also compare yourself to others. If you see someone more attractive than you in your yoga classes, you’ll feel insecure. As a result, you’ll be more conscious when doing yoga poses. Or perhaps, you feel incompetent when doing poses compared to your Chinese yoga instructor. All of these thoughts can surely make you feel small and not enough.

To avoid comparing thoughts, you must focus on what you can do. Plus, developing a growth mindset. There’s nothing wrong if you still can’t do a handstand because as time goes by, you can practice it. By focusing on yourself, you can unleash your potential and feel more than enough.

5) Take a Break

Your mind can get cluttered when you don’t take a break. You’ll get distracted by thoughts like: Am I doing the poses correctly? Should I practice more? It can strain your mind, and you may overwork yourself. When attending your yoga instructor course, it’s better to take a break from time to time.

It’s just like working out daily. You also need to give your muscle a recovery period. To help you set a schedule, try to provide yourself two to three times a week for rest days.

Remember, you don’t need to practise yoga all the time to get the perfect pose. Breathe in and out to give yourself a break to feel more relaxed.

6) Let Your Problems Go

Problems can make you feel anxious and distracted about your current situation. It can even make you an overthinker. For this reason, let your problems go while doing poses for your Chinese yoga for beginners. The trick is to think of a white background and try to vanish worrying thoughts in your mind. And after all, some of your problems are only a result of your overthinking.

Your problems can also affect your performance when attending the yoga instructor course. Just let go of the things that make you feel disappointed and try to embrace the present moment.

7) Find Your Inner Peace

Another thing you can do is find your inner peace when attending yoga classes in Singapore. Find something that can make you feel peaceful despite the chaos. Perhaps, imagery of a scenic beachside or your pets or maybe a serene grassland. Stick to your peace and let your mind stay focused.

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