Low-Carb, Keto Desserts: 6 Tips for Eating in Moderation

The key to eating healthy in moderation. Should I give up rice? Should I avoid sweets and junk foods? Such questions will run into your head if you vow to become healthier. Although most health experts would say to avoid these foods and choose fruits and vegetables instead, this article would like to say that it’s okay to eat unhealthy foods once in a while BUT moderation.

Eating unhealthy foods is something that people should not be ashamed of when they want to be healthier. Yes, if you would love to hear it, it’s okay to have a cheat day. But, don’t use this as an excuse to eat unhealthy food all the time because You still have a responsibility for what you put inside your mouth.

The article would like to share that being healthy is not about being too strict or harsh on yourself because eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life. After all, restricting yourself will only make you feel more guilty.

So, good news for diabetic people because there is a diabetic friendly cake in Singapore! This way, they can satisfy sweet cravings more healthily. Indeed, you might binge eat the cake because you’ve missed the taste of the cake after years of avoiding it.

Before you start binge eating the diabetic cake in Singapore, let this article be a reminder of how you can practice eating in moderation.


Eating in Moderation: Tips to Eat Just Enough for Your Body

When people choose to be healthy, they would probably choose a salad, fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. However, the modern food industry offers food for people who want to satisfy cravings more healthily. For instance, there are vegan versions of frozen food for people who choose to avoid meat. There is also a diabetic cake shop in Singapore for people who want to lessen their sugar intake.

If you found the food you’re looking for, here are the tips for eating in moderation, just enough for your body.


1) Stop Banning Certain Foods

If you restrict yourself from eating certain foods, you’ll crave them more! If, for instance, you like to eat cakes before you get diagnosed with diabetes. There are instances that you’ll look for sweets to satisfy cravings. For this reason, you won’t be able to control yourself and might binge eat cake more than your body needs.

Luckily, there are diabetic friendly cakes and low carb bread in Singapore you can eat if you want to satisfy your cravings. A pro-health tip: instead of restricting yourself from certain foods, better find an alternative for healthier options.

2) Choose Smaller Portions

Another way to eat in moderation is to choose smaller portions whenever possible. If you want to eat dessert, meat, carbs, fruits, and vegetables, make sure you proportion them the right way. This way, you can eat all of them without exceeding what your body needs.  That’s why even if you found a diabetic friendly cake in Singapore, you still need to be mindful of your proportions.

Although it’s healthy, you still have to eat it in moderation for better calorie and nutrition intake. You can also apply this when planning to eat in a restaurant. You can ask the server to provide you with smaller portions. Better yet, avoid ordering meals that are too heavy for one meal.

Always remember that moderation is the key. Yes, you can eat anything you want, but the best way to maintain your health is to proportion them the right way.

3) Eat Slowly

Do you know that your brain tells you when your stomach is full? Yes, when you eat faster, it will take longer before your brain signals to your body that it’s replete. It will lead to overeating because your body is well-nourished, but your mind still tells you to eat more.  It’s advisable to eat slowly so that your brain can coordinate with your body.

Hence, when eating diabetic cake orketo bread in Singapore, take your time and eat them slowly. To do this, eat one bite at a time and chew the food slowly. Don’t put another slice of bread in your mouth while you’re still chewing.

This behaviour can help you avoid overeating and stick to your meal plan for the rest of the day.

4) Schedule Snack Eating

Snacks can also help you prevent overeating. When you eat only three times, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there is a probability that you’ll overeat in each meal. Why? Because you’re hungry enough to finish food proportions exceeding your body needs. That’s why it’s recommendable to bring some snacks with you all the time so you can replenish your body.

Luckily, there are many healthy snacks you can choose from in the market. There is a diabetic cake shop in Singapore, where you can buy keto bread,low carb bread, and diabetic friendly cake.  With this, you can eat them in moderation any time of the day when you feel hungry.

5) Emotional Control

Emotions can also affect the way you eat.  Have you found yourself eating because you feel stressed, lonely, or anxious? These strong emotions can lead you to overeat unhealthy food, such as chips, cookies, or cup noodles. You can solve this by teaching yourself to control your emotions. When you learn how to manage your feelings, you can eat anything you want with healthier proportions.

Even if you’re eating healthy foods, such as low carb bread and diabetic friendly cake, it’s still better to control your emotions so you can eat in moderation.

6) Be Easy on Yourself

Most importantly, you should be easy on yourself when trying to be healthy. There are days when you feel like you’re failing. But there’s always a tomorrow where you can try again and again.

Also, tell yourself not to feel guilty when eating the foods you crave, such as keto bread and diabetic cake. With this, you can practice being kind to yourself.

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