Kinds of techniques used in couples counseling

    • Insight gaining therapy- a couple who argument a lot, blame mistakes over one another and are not able to clear out their problems should consult a marriage counselor. Counselor collects data and provides them with a particular plan which might make their relationship in this field.
    • Communication therapy- this is the common problem in most of the couples. This is the reason why most of the couple drifts apart. Thus, counselors here make couple understand why sharing things are important and also provide them with system to follow it.
    • Attachment therapy- there is cases when couples lose that closeness and romance between them. This might lead to hesitation between couples. Thus, counselor help to regenerate that love and romance between couples by making couple understand that speaking to each other about private matters are must in marriages.


  • Psychodynamic therapy- this may happen when one of the partners starts behaving unnaturally and thus conflicts happen. Thus, couples counseling here are done by a psychodynamic therapist who tries to identify the behavioral pattern of the pattern and suggests some good useful ways to solve the problem.
  • Gottman couple therapy- misunderstandings always produces the drift between the couple. Thus this therapy is effective during misunderstandings. Here couples are told to write down their happiness, sorrows, hopes, anxieties. After completing the assessment a discussion is done between the needs of the couple and thus problems are tried to solve.
  • Positive therapy- this is therapy which usually works in a long distance relationship. Sometimes couple loses hope and trust in such distanced relationship. So, this therapy helps in bringing positive energy between them which can lead them to a great extent.


Thus, going for couples counseling is not a bad idea as such the society thinks of it. It is a perfect idea until and unless it starts to bring back the same old bond and old love in the couple.