Kartika Sari Bandung : A Must Try Cake Shop In Bandung

Bandung’s layer cakes are a must-try when you visit this city. It’s quite famous because of their layer cakes came from the favorite local bakeries in town. They are typically found in the crowded areas, and if you are unsure, simply ask some of the locals for instructions, and odds are they will direct you there. Though the favorite ones are on the pricey side, there are many regional bakeries to select from. However, you are the one to decide when you attempt to try out some of the favorite Keu Lapis or layer cakes here.

Two famous bakeries are Kartika Sari or Mayasari in Bandung, which specializes in coating cakes and Pisang Molen, and mind you – they don’t come cheap in all! Be cautioned that brick of cake will put you back about Rp.140,000 (RM 44.80) to get a high tier coat cake, as well as the cost, is also about Rp440,000 (RM 140.00), even for a piece, its price is Rp.8,000 (RM 2.50).

Kartika Sari Bakery

KartikaSari Bakery is a remarkably popular stop for its regional Jakarta tourist. Also, for the record, the typical Bandung sailors do not even bother to store here. It is a luxury bakery. You can spend tens of thousands of Indonesian Rupiah in Kartika Sari only on Layer Cakes. Seriously, my driver hasn’t attempted the layer cake out of Kartikasari. I ended up purchasing one for him because he was so unique and incredibly wonderful individual.

I asked him when he’d attempted it, and he answered that it is a wealthy guy’s cakes, so I usually get my spouse to make them in the local stalls’. They’ve no other outlets out of Bandung (to date). Therefore one can only get them in Bandung.

If you want my opinion, this is a damn great gimmick to keep folks coming back into Kartika Sari at Bandung. The bakery audience is only fantastic on weekends because each bakery joint we pass, you’d see an almost full house of shoppers at every one of those outlets. People are regarded as purchasing 4 or 3 layer cakes each individual, not forgetting the other kinds of food stalls there. This alone demonstrates that Kartikasari is popular in Bandung not just for the coating cakes but also because of their general cake and pastry selections.

Besides the Layer Cakes, it is also possible to locate Pisang Molen, Different Pastries, Nyonya cakes, ice cream, and all sorts of cakes. Other relevant things incorporate black snacks and keropok. Seriously, some of the items here are far better than back home in Kuala Lumpur from where I come out, particularly the pastries that taste very refreshing. Here are some of the addresses and contact number for Kartika Sari Bakery:

  • Jalan H. Akbar. Tel: +62 22 4231355
  • Jalan Buah Batu 165A. Tel: +62 22 7379385 (This outlet is the central branch and is in front of Bandung’s central train station.)
  • Jalan Kebon Jukut 3C. Tel: +62 22 4230397
  • Jalan Kopo Sayati 111A. Tel: +62 22 5414340
  • Jalan Terusan Jakarta 77E. Tel: +62 22 4230397
  • Jalan Ir. H. Djuanda (Dago)

Mayasari Bakery

Mayasari is just another famous socket that sells the coating cakes and pisang Bolen. Not that I watched lots of these in the city, however, the one in the airport until you depart was pumped up with slabs of cake or pieces of it. Last moment shoppers could often use the remaining rupiahs, thereby purchasing the coating cakes as souvenirs like that I did. I bought two pieces of this Mayasari layer cake and then ended it before boarding my flight back, and now I needed more. Here are some of the addresses and contact number for Mayasari Bakery :

  • Dr. Junjungan No. 143 BTC LGF A-4 No. 7 Tel: 022 6126375
  • Cihampelas No. 110 Bandung Tel: 022 2042678
  • Kebon Kawung No. 22 Bandung Tel: 022 4222444
  • Sukamukti No. 10 Bandung Tel: 022 2034444
  • Ahmad Yani No. 259 Bandung Tel: 0803207867

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