Jaya Janaki NayakaKa Movie Streaming On AHA

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Jaya Janaki Nayaka is a Telugu romantic action film directed by BoyapatiSrinu, who also provided the story for the film and produced by M Ravinder. AtamakuruLakshmimaiah provided the film’s screenplay, Devi Sri Prasad provided the music, and Rishi Punjabi did the cinematography. There were many popular actors in the film like Bellamkonda Srinivas as GaganChakravarti, RakulPreet Singh as Janaki, JagapathiBabu as Ash with Narayana Varma, PragyaJaiswal as Falguni, Sarathkumar as Chakravarti, Suman as Central Minister, Tarun Arora as Arjun Pawar, Nandu as Prudhvi, Jayaprakash as JP, Shashank as Veerendra Varma and many more. You can watch many Telugu HD movies online, like Jaya Janaki Nayaka on AHA.

The story starts with a college scene where Sweetie is being troubled by an eve teaser because she had spoken against him in support of a friend. However, Gagan Chakraborty comes to the rescue along with his brother Prudhvi and his father, Chakravarti. However, it takes up enmity with the Central Minister because the eve teaser was the Central Minister’s son. The audience sees the wonderful relationship between the father and son trio who had bonded with each other like friends after Gagan’s mother died. Sweetie gets involved with the family and starts falling in love with Gagan, who also reciprocates to a certain extent. He allows her to make certain changes in his lifestyle as well as his house.

Sweetie helps Prudhvi get back his love life which impresses Chakravarthy, and he asks Gagan to always take care of her. However, other scenes shift to the marriage between the daughter of a prestigious businessman, Ash, with Narayana Verma. However, the groom finds that the girl he is to marry has had affairs with men. When Narayana comes to know about this, he kills the groom, his daughter’s ex-boyfriend, and makes his daughter shoot herself. He claims that prestige is all he seeks in life and maintains that he could go to any extent.

Narayana soon gets involved with a local gun Arjun Pawar who has been threatening Sweetie and her family. Arjun’s brother is heavily injured, and this puts Arjun and Narayana in enmity. Although Sweetie and Gagan are in love, Sweetie’s father does not agree to the marriage, and this is where the interval of the movie starts. Watch what happens next in Jaya Janaki Nayaka, one of the best action movies online on AHA.