Is Moneylender Legal in Singapore?

There are many countries where money lending is still going on without a legal basis, but in Singapore, money lending is strictly prohibited. Money lending can only be possible if you have a license obtained from the government under strict supervision and amendments. 

Money lending in Singapore should be professional and according to every tool and condition set by the government. Any illegal activities by the licensed money lender will ultimately lead to strict actions and even cancel their license. Moneylenders can only provide borrowers under a contract signed and authenticated under a legal basis concerning all justifications.

Who is a Money Lender?

With the question, is money lending legal in Singapore? What is money lending? And who are money lenders?

Banks provide loans. They provide various kinds of services related to the financial condition of the people, concerning the government and economy of the country. A moneylender only provides a loan and acts as a borrower to the borrowing, who is borrowing the money at a specific interest rate intending to give it back that has been fixed by the agreement by both the sides.

In the place of the bank, there are money lenders who give you money when you need it. Banks also provide various services but, the most significant difference is a moneylender is always concerned about borrowing and receiving money from the borrowers. Banks also work with the government, but the money lenders are strictly interested in profit maximisation instead of welfare.

Is it Safe to Borrow Money from a Money Lender?

It is always better to approach a bank or institution with a loan facility instead of a private or individual money lender. Not only do you get various services at one spot, but also the customer orientation is good. 

Any misconduct is always supervised by the Singapore government, but still, it is recommended that you should go to only licensed and trusted money lenders. Not only do money lenders have a high rate of interest, but there is also a chance of fraud under strict supervision because its primary purpose is to have profit maximised with the source of interest instead of welfare.

Singapore’s government has made it very strict in their guidelines that any fraud through many lenders will not be tolerated, and it will lead to jail and penalties with their license canceled. So, they are unable to run their business in the name of fraud. The Singapore government also serves justice to the borrowers who were victims of false moneylender accusations and swindles.

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Now that you have learned about whether money lending is illegal or not. You can freely go to the money lenders in terms of investments and taking loans, whichever option is best for you. We hope that this article has guided you in the best manner and now you have learned the information about what to do and how to do, through it.