Would you rather bear have crooked or crowned teeth?None of these is a better option.In fact, no one ought to ever feel depressed or have their self-esteem trampled on because of their teeth arrangement.All you need isinvisalign treatment that will aid in straightening the teeth without applying the metal brace.Invisalign braces are made of clear hard plastic.This makes them undetectable and most people cannot tell you are wearing them.

On line marketing is helping to popularize this latest development in orthodontics.It is true therefore to say that writing deep content pages about invisalign alongside well thought out visual images attract social media users who are the target clients for this procedure.

Invisalign has revolutionized orthodontic field since it was invented nearly 20 years ago.It has various advantages over the traditional metal braces.Let’s go through them.


Invisalign has no wire or bracket fittings making it much more comfortable to wear .It has no sharp edges and so there are no risks of hurting your tongue or mouth because you are wearing braces. Metal braces on the other hand, cause discomfort and pain during installation.


Invisalign is made from clear hard plastic that makes it invisible. In fact, most people will not know you are wearing braces. This boosts one’s self esteem because you can smile without the worry of attracting unnecessary attention


Invisalign can be removed during meal times or when one need to brush or floss as opposed to the traditional braces where food particles would get stuck.This means that invisalign promotes better oral hygiene by reducing the chances of developing gum infections.


Invisalign require very low maintenance. Scrubbing them with a toothbrush soaked in water and mild bleach quickly freshen it.

Metal braces on the other hand have countless tiny gaps that trap food particles inside and around them. This can cause plaque and slowly lead to dental problems. They have to be cleaned after every meal making their maintenance a tedious exercise.


Invisalign has a good market reception in the market already. However, dentists have not mastered the art of targeted marketing to the potential online clients.A sure strategy that guarantees results is engaging experienced dental SEO services in your marketing package.Other ways to improve are:


  • Invest in Short Video Clips


There is ever growing internet traffic because of its unique feature of combining sound and motion.A video clip lasting few seconds gives potential clients a one-on-one experience where FAQ are answered by the dentist.Your potential clients deem you an expert in your field and this influences their decision making to pick you as the preferred specialist.


  • Feature Testimonies From Your Clients


Develop a habit to record before and after invisalign videos of your clients (with their consent) .This creates a make-believe impression on them as they can make comparisons and evidently see the improvement with invisalign