Infuse Excitement to Your Game with Baccarat Side Bets

Baccarat is a very interesting game of making simple guesses. Due to lack of complexity, people are attracted to this game. The game involves taking chances. It is purely your luck whether you succeed or lose in this game. No thought process and strategy are needed to play the game.

A side bet is an interesting feature that adds a nice flair to this simplistic gameplay. This feature can be enjoyed both online and land-based casinos. For those who are new to this feature should check this article to know more about it

Bellagio Match:

It is a side bet in the multi-player game that is presented by an animated dealer. A player can obtain a payout of 75:1 for a player’s hand with a 5.27 percentage house edge and 68:1 for a Banker’s hand with an 8.57 percentage house edge. Ufabet is one of the most credible and popular online platforms that give you an opportunity to play sports betting, lottery, and baccarat online

Super 6:

This bet can be placed mostly at UK land-based casinos. A few live casinos also offer this service. It pays 12:1 when the winning banker’s hand scores a total of six. This side bet gives you the biggest house edge of a whopping 29.98%.

3-Card Six:

This is a side bet that is offered at the Pala Casino. A player can receive a payout of 100:1 when both the banker and player hand get a 3-card 6 hand. The total house edge obtained in this case is 13.37%.

Lucky Bonus:

This is another side bet that is only provided at the charge-free Baccarat tables located in the Pala Casino, California. Being a winning 6, this bonus is a bet on the banker’s hand. The side bet provides a player advantage of 2.34 percentages when a player places a wager more than ten percentage of the Banker bet

Lucky Bonus is considered to be one of those side bets that provide the most player-friendly RTP. This is because the house edge is 1.11 percentages and the payout is 18:1.

Royal Match:

This is a side bet offered at most of the casinos in London. In a royal match side bet, a player can wager on either the Banker or a Player that draws a Queen or a King in the initial two dealt cards. In this side bet, the house edge is player-friendly at just 2.13 percentages.  The payout received is 30:1 for non-suited and 75:1 for a suited King and Queen

Dragon 7:

This is another type of side bet that you can play in EZ Baccarat. It is a very popular side bet among Chinese customers. As the name suggests, a Dragon 7 is displayed when the Banker obtains a winning three-card 7 and payout 40:1. This is a side bet where the house edge increases to 7.61 percentages. The game does not feature any commission/charge on the Banker’s hand.


So, these are some of the interesting side bets that you can try to make your Baccarat game more exciting.