How to Prepare for Maths Exam 

Maths is a subject that is purely based on practice. Most students are scared of Maths as they do not have a basic understanding of the subject. However, if one studies Mathematics in a proper way, then improving their skills would be a cakewalk. All students need to do is devote time for the subject regularly and work on building the concepts. Here we have provided some techniques which will help students in preparing for Maths exam. 

5 Tips for Solving Maths Problems

Students who want to opt for Maths after class 10 must follow the below-mentioned tips. 

1) Understanding Rather than MemorisingMaths

Students should focus on understanding the basics of Mathematics. Instead of memorising the steps to solve the questions, they should focus on the approach of solving it. It is therefore imperative students diligently solve the exercise questions from the textbook to gain practice. If class 10 students find themselves stuck somewhere then they can refer NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths. So, don’t mug up Maths just for the sake of scoring marks in the exam. Instead, focus on building the concepts. 

2) Start By Solving the Examples 

Each topic is explained with solved examples in NCERT Maths Book. So, before solving the exercise problems students must go through the examples and try to solve them without looking at the solutions. Following which, they should make note of the solutions and compare the way the problem is solved in the book. This would give them a different approach to solving the questions. 

3) Note Down All the Formulas

Maths consists of formulas and theorems. It will be easy for the students while studying if they have all the formulas compiled in one place. So, it is advised that they make a separate notebook where chapterwise formulas and important theorems are noted down. These formulas also help them in quick revision during exams. 

4) Clear All Doubts

It’s normal to have doubts when students are solving Maths problems. But do not let doubts persist for long periods. Students must get them cleared as soon as possible either by discussing them with friends or with the teacher. If there is any doubt regarding the NCERT class 11 Maths, then students can refer to the NCERT Solution for Class 11 Maths to understand how the question is solved. 

5) Practice Maths Daily  

The best way to master Maths is to solve the sums. So, students must devote at least 1 hour to the subject in their daily study schedule. This would lead to a gradual improvement in the performance of students and would also consequently enhance their interest in Maths.

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