How To Improve Your Writing Skills 

Perfect writing is an elaborate and sophisticated art that needs a lot of attention and unique abilities. Ways to enhance your writing skills might vary, but certainly, some things generate the unique and required pattern that guarantees a perfect writing.

In this piece, we will look at the writing processes as clear as possible and provide you with the appropriate tips on how to improve your academic writing skills.

Tips For Good Academic Writing 


To write a good essay, it is essential to have a vast stock of words and know how to use them properly. Proper essays require standard vocabulary. The checklist below enumerates vocabulary problems that you should focus on while writing myadmissionsessay:

  • Pay attention to the homographs, homophones, and homonyms
  • Pay attention to adjectives that end with -ing and -ed
  • There are English words that are not homonyms but are the same in sound and meaning, or spelling. Keep a record of such words and pay special attention to them.


Following the given rules and stylistic requirements are of significant importance when writing. Usually, writers consider it as not necessary and don’t pay attention to it. Below are tips on the aspect of stylistics.

  • Avoid elliptical sentences
  • Avoid non-standard words and contractions
  • Be realistic
  • Avoid long sentences
  • Get rid of unneeded repetitions
  • Avoid sentence structures
  • Avoid concise sentences


The system of punctuation is quite complicated and difficult to comprehend for an average student. It impacts the reader’s understanding of the essay significantly and hence, requires attention. To ensure accurate punctuation in writing, use the checklist below:

  • Make use of a question mark at the end of a direct question
  • Make use of apostrophes in contradictions, paying attention to the right placement
  • Make use of a comma in separating non-defining clauses
  • Make use of a comma to differentiate numbers of three or more digits, months, and days of a week
  • Make use of inverted commas to distinguish quoted matter from the other sentences
  • Make use of hyphens to link compounds words


To master grammar is one of the most challenging tasks in writing an essay. It is a free way of expressing your thoughts and ideas, and you can select any means of expression you want. The checklist below will guide through to focus on grammar areas while writing:

  • Check the sentence for both the predicate and the subject
  • Do not add an additional subject after an adjectival clause, when a subject appears before an adjectival clause
  • Make use of correct capitalization
  • Do not use adjectives instead of adverbs and vice versa