How to Avoid Fighting With Your Children While Quarantining Together

One of the great things that came out of this quarantine period is that you can spend more time with your family members. However, it only felt good at first. After a while, you start having fights with your children. You don’t even want to be around them anymore. Of course, you don’t have a choice since you can’t go anywhere. It’s crucial to find a way to stay with them without fighting with each other. You also don’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy their presence. When things get back to normal, you might want to go back to quarantine again to be with them. These are some tips to help you be a good parent during this quarantine.

Don’t be too hard on them

You have to be more understanding of your children. They also don’t like staying home all the time just like you. Stop telling them what to do. Allow them to be more responsible and be able to manage their time better. If they have to study online, you can extend help. However, you shouldn’t keep on reminding them about their responsibilities. It can be annoying, and it will only end up with a fight.

Find a space to relax 

Being around your family is nice, but it’s also exhausting. You need to have enough space for yourself. When it’s time to be alone, no one should disturb you. It’s even better if you invest in having a walk in bath at home. You can relax inside the bathroom without anyone stressing you out. Inform your family members that you want to be alone even for an hour. You should also ditch any work-related task when you have to relax.

Give them space 

Avoid telling your children to follow the rules at home or study their lessons all the time. If you want to have space to be alone, they also want to do the same. Allow them to play if they want to. If they realize that they have to finish some school tasks, they will do it. If they need help, they will come to you. If you keep telling them how to live their lives, they will start hating you. It will also make them very dependent on you. You don’t want them to grow up as irresponsible individuals who can’t survive without your support.

Talk to them about anything

When you go to work, you don’t have enough time to ask your children how their day went. Since you’re at home all the time, it’s your chance to bond with them. Ask them about anything. They might have something wonderful to share with you. It doesn’t have to be anything serious. The point is that you want to see them growing up and now is your chance to get to know them better. Your children won’t always be the same. They grow up quickly. You don’t want to regret it later because you didn’t make the most of their childhood.

Hopefully, these things will improve your relationship with them until the lockdown is over.