How The Smartphone Revolution Has Changed The World Forever?

Over the past couple of decades, the whole world has been totally transformed by the digital age, but one of the driving factors behind this has been the introduction of the smartphones to the market and has totally changed the way that we digest the world and how we live our lives. The way that the smartphone industry has changed our lives forever is incredible, especially looking back at before the digital age and below we look at some of the ways life has been transformed due to smartphones.

Future phones - what the future of mobile phones holds

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One of the areas that has been totally transformed has been the entertainment world as we are now able to access hundreds of different entertainment platforms all from the comfort of our smartphones. For example, regular trips to the cinema have now been eradicated as we are now able to access online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video which offer serious value for money for being able to watch our favourite tv shows and films. Moreover, gambling has now been changed from visits to land-based casinos and betting shops to gambling sites, a good resource can be found here, where we are able to use Apps to be able to gamble wherever and whenever we please through our smartphones.

Furthermore, shopping is another way that smartphones have transformed our lives as it has set up a totally new industry, e-commerce, in which we are now able to access our favourite retail shops within seconds and get products delivered to our door the very next day. Online e-commerce marketplaces are now able to offer to us consumers virtually every form of good and/or service possible to us consumers and the service quality that we have access now is truly amazing, especially looking at sites like Amazon. 

Another way that smartphones have been able to develop for us consumers since their introduction has been through banking and finances as we now have access to our banking apps, balances and finances from our fingers within seconds. Gone are the days of having to physically travel to a bank to organise our finances or even waiting for the postman to deliver our statements to see the state of our finances. All banks now are offering an app-based service in which you can download to your smartphone, management your finances within seconds, pay bills and ever send money to friends and family between your accounts all from your smartphones as long as you have connectivity to the internet.