How Smartphones Have Revolutionised Business

Since smartphones burst onto the scene at the beginning of the century, they moved away from being primary communication devices and have become much more than that by offering multiple different ways for us humans to go about our everyday lives. By altering the way that we communicate, they have also revolutionised many businesses and how they operate and so below we look at why this is and what there is to see into the future.

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One of the main ways in which they have transformed businesses forever has mainly been down to the response times that they are now able to offer. Previously, when offices shut at 5pm, e-mails and phone calls wouldn’t be responded too until the next day due to laptops/desktops being left in the office. Whereas now, with many employees all having access to their e-mails through their smartphones, they can get back to clients and colleagues with faster response times, usually within 24 hours now, compared to 48 hours to 72 hours with was the norm before.

Another way that smartphones have transformed business forever is that everything has now been digitalised and become paperless. Gone are the days in which a business stores all their admin and documents in paper form in a cupboard somewhere in the business as now everything can be stored online in a cloud platform. Now only does this have a positive impact on the environment by using less paper, but also saves times and storage space at a given office and has a certain cost saving element too for business owners.

And finally, and very relevant in the past year, smartphones have now given the ability for office workers to be able to work remotely, during the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 to work remotely and not rely on the office to be able to complete their work. Previously, and especially if this pandemic had happened when smartphones were available, would have proved a lot of problems for businesses and their owners and has ensured that the working environment has been able to continue due to the importance of smartphones.