How can I find out if someone has an outstanding warrant?

How to Find Out If You Have a Warrant | HowStuffWorks

When an arrest warrant is placed on someone, the police have the right to arrest them at any place, at any time, until the warrant is either satisfied or revoked. Arrest warrants do not expire, and as such, it can be dangerous to let one sit around without doing something about it. If you know someone with an outstanding warrant, you should research the warrant, and determine their next step as soon as possible.

To find an outstanding warrant, you’re going to want to use an online public records database. With a service like SpyFly, you can find an arrest warrant issued for someone you know in moments and can read a copy of the warrant online. When reading this warrant, you can also rest assured that nobody(not even law enforcement) is notified that you are reading it at that time. Given that, there’s no reason not to try and read it.

Another advantage of websites like SpyFly is that they can be accessed from anywhere. All you need is a phone, and an internet connection, and you can pull them up on any browser. So, even if your home isn’t a safe location (for whatever reason), you can still learn the details of the warrant.

What should be done if there is an outstanding warrant?

Well, the first thing that should always be done is to seek out legal help. A lawyer can provide the clearest, most reliable insight regarding the warrant, and what can be done to resolve it. If possible, meet with an attorney immediately after finding out about the warrant.

Not only will most law firms be able to provide you with fantastic advice, but they may be able to help you resolve the warrant without needing to be arrested. Arrest warrants can be issued for anything from unpaid parking tickets to manslaughter, and it’s important for you to learn the exact details regarding the warrant, so you can best plan your next move.

But, it should be mentioned that you should never, ever try to resist arrest. Nor should you try to evade law enforcement. Doing either of these things can put you at risk, and can worsen your legal situation.

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