Home Essentials: Furniture and Electronics You Need for Your New Home

Did you move to a new space recently or are you still in the planning phase? Either way, you must have many things on your mind, such as the rent, the location of your new home, or whether you should get a roommate or not. These are usually the factors and considerations that are in the mind of a person who is about to move to a new space. While these factors are essential, you must not forget the furniture and electronic devices that would allow you to settle in comfortably as soon as your landlord permits you to move in. Do you think that you should buy a dining table in Malaysia first or a piece of outdoor furniture? A television or home accessories? These are contemplations you must prioritise with other essential requirements when it comes to moving into a new space. 

You shouldn’t worry though! The rest of this article will give you a checklist of what furniture and electronic devices you should have in your new home. Take note of these and you would have no trouble finding comfort that you want to feel in the space you would live in for a long time!

Living Room

The living room is the first room where you and other guests will see in your new home. It is best to keep a home-y atmosphere within these parts. To achieve this, you should have:

Sturdy couch

Couches are essential since you would want to have somewhere you can rest while you appreciate your new space. Size and comfort should be at the top of your list when you are choosing to buy one online or in a physical store. Measuring your living room will help you decide on what size to buy and the colour of your wall will help you decide which colour you should get.


Couch and OLED TVs are almost a requirement for every living room. They provide you with comfort and entertainment! It also helps in keeping your guests occupied while you prepare them some snacks. When you buy a TV, ensure that you have a console table where you can place them or you are allowed to drill into the wall so you can hang it there instead.

Coffee tables

Coffee tables are effective in giving you storage space and design. With a table, you can put home accessories, such as lamps, air humidifiers, among other essentials that you think would complete the look of your living room. Some even put family pictures on top of coffee tables to give guests something to look at. 


The bedroom is where you get the privacy you need to do personal things. In this room, you would want to have:


Essentially, a home is not a home without a bed. It is what you would prioritise over outdoor furniture in Malaysia. Getting great sleep is crucial, so you would want to invest in quality bed frames and mattresses when you are shopping for home essentials. Consider the size and the type of mattress when you go out looking for one.


Clothing storage is an important part of your bedroom. It comes in many heights, widths, and styles that you can choose from. With this in mind, you would want to consider storing not only your clothes but also your bedding, curtains, blankets, among other things that should be protected from dust and dirt.

Air conditioning

Remember that your home is a closed space that can trap heat, especially when you only have a few windows. A quality air conditioner will help combat days that are humid and dry. It will also help you get a restful sleep, too!


Clean is what often comes to mind when someone says the word bathroom. It is a room where we clean ourselves to get ready for the day or bed. In a bathroom, you should have:

Quality shower

Nothing beats a relaxing hot shower after a long stressful day. A quality shower with a water heater would give you that. However, if you prefer cold showers that would wake up every bone in your body, you can buy affordable ones that you can find in many shops that offer bathroom essentials.

Bathroom mirror

No one would want to use their electric shaver when they are not in front of a mirror. It is a bathroom essential since it would allow you to see the parts of your body that need some cleaning. Some would even have full-body mirrors in their showers! It would be up to you if you want a face mirror or a full-body mirror for your needs and the size of your bathroom.

Functional toilet

These usually come with the house or condo unit that you buy, but nothing would stop you from replacing it with a new one that gives you comfort. You might want to talk to your landlord first if you are thinking about buying a new toilet for your home unit. 

These are the home essentials that plenty of homeowners prioritise, and as someone who would be going independent soon, these should be on the top of your shopping list. You would be lucky to know that there are one-stop online shops where you could buy all of these in one go!

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