Five Uses Of Natural Stone In Your Bathroom

It does not matter if your bathroom is large or small, the natural stone fits perfectly with any bathroom. Similarly, its application is very heterogeneous. Walls, floors, showers, sinks, or countertops can be the stone counterpoint that will give your bathroom a feeling of well-being, charm, and personality. 

  1. Stone Walls In The Bathroom, The Taste For The Natural

Natural stone is an ideal product for bathroom walls. Not only for the elegance and beauty that it brings but also for its natural qualities of resistance and hardness. A natural stone wall will remain intact for longer against moisture, water, or cleaning products. 

Using stone panels will add volume and a rustic appearance, perfect for decorating bathrooms, even the most contemporary ones. Dark tones will be better integrated into your bathroom wall, thanks to the fact that they are colors that combine with the general decoration of this type of space.

  1. Stone Floors, Anti-Slip And Resistant

A natural stone tile floor will give the bathroom greater resistance. Thanks to the rough surface finishes, natural stone will be our ally as a non-slip product. The choice of color is important when decorating a bathroom floor with stone. 

The lighter tones of white limestone or gold-toned quartzites give a feeling of greater spaciousness and luminosity, while the darker tones reduce the impression of space.

  1. Marble Sinks, Taste For Elegance

A marble sink is the most aesthetic choice for a rustic or modern bathroom. The rounded or rectangular designs of natural stone sinks make them the centerpiece of any bathroom. You can combine them with pro stone countertops, made of natural stone, the perfect counterpoint for decoration.

  1. Stone Shower Trays, Skin Flower Sensations

Few sensations are comparable to feeling a natural stone shower tray under your feet. Natural stone transmits you relaxation and tranquility. For this reason, stone bathtubs are also another of the most special pieces for your bathrooms. 

Most natural stone dishes and bathtubs are made of marble, travertine, or slate. Of great resistance and hardness, they endure continuous contact with water.

  1. Granite Countertops, The Most Durable

If granite is known for something, it is because it is a resistant and durable natural stone. Thanks to an infinite range of colors and shapes, granite is the best option for bathroom countertops. 

There are many types of designs, all adaptable to the most rustic or innovative bathrooms. It is a very hard and scratch-resistant material, it resists humidity and heat well and its maintenance is minimal. Therefore, decorating your bathroom with stone will be an interesting investment to bring character to your home.