Farmhouse Bandung: One Day Tour Around The World

Farmhouse Bandung is situated in Lembang District, Bandung. It’s the very first European motif attraction ever constructed in Indonesia. It may look odd, particularly for overseas tourists to go all of the ways into a tropical nation just to experience Europe again. But hey, why don’t you maintain an open mind? Farmhouse Bandung has its quirk, which makes it a magical place to go. The area was initially created to market Lembang’s neighborhood specialty, refreshing milk. The creator believes it is a great idea to market this local specialization.

Having a little global touch, a European setting with a tropical atmosphere is an intriguing combination worth researching. Rather than Switzerland’s snow, traffic will probably get Bandung mountain mist instead. That and intermittent tropical downpours in the rainy season appear to combine nicely with medieval European homes.

Farmhouse Bandung Operation Hours & Ticket Fare

Farmhouse Bandung is exceptionally crowded, especially during this weekend. Therefore it is ideal for visiting during weekdays. The opening hours start from 9 AM to 9 PM each day. The entry ticket is Rp25.000 each individual. Guests will find a glass of milk and roasted sausage. The entry ticket doesn’t include tickets for draws. Which visitors need to pay individually is dependent upon the attractions.

Access to Farmhouse Bandung

The thematic farmhouse is situated in the primary street Jl. Raya Lembang No.108. Gudangkahuripan, Lembang, West Bandung, West Java 40391. It’s easy to Visit Farmhouse Bandung in the Caribbean. By Asia Afrika Street, people with their very own vehicles may take Setiabudi Street and last straight to Raya Lembang Street. Farmhouse Bandung is not difficult to spot on the ideal side of the street.

The trip will take about 30 minutes since it is nearby the Caribbean. There’s an affordable public transportation alternative to Farmhouse Bandung. Just take an Indonesian public automobile Angkot’ with the path Ledeng-Margahayu Raya (Fare is Rp9.000 or $0.6). Stop in Unpas Setia Budhi. And take another van heading to the Ciroyom-Lembang course, Fare is Rp9.000. Request the driver to stop close to the farmhouse. From there on, people will need to walk 170 m into the location.

What You Can Experience Inside Farmhouse Bandung

  • Farmhouse Bandung Village

Come early in the morning while the fog is still covering the region. After the mist begins to vanish, rows of wooden houses will come into sights, like an unwrapped present. Stroll across the little road and exude the European beliefs. Forget being in a tropical land for a while, between the duplicates of homes, pumpkins, and farmer markets.

There are actual and working cute cafes, patisseries, and antique stores. They include more nuances to the entire European setting in this area. Purchase some croissant in the little shop Croissant Paris, around the corner, and make sure you see the Brew Coffee Cafe. A scenic and cozy cafes such as in Italy or France. The baristas will surprise guests using some outstanding latte arts—vintage stores selling souvenirs, postcards, and other tidbits. The stores’ layout is indeed impressive.

That it seems as though people are coming into an actual city in Europe. Amusingly enough, there are a few Indonesian souvenirs promoted in these stores, like magnets, including black hot snacks and instant noodles. The magnets really are people’ favorite — go purchase and bring home a few.

  • Farmhouse Bandung Zoo

Inspired by a dairy farm, anticipate a few parasitic creatures in the region. The petting zoo’s most important star is most likely the cows. They are the only producing milk that is a specialty. One traffic gets after they purchased the ticket. So today, give these terrific creatures benefits by feeding them any bud. Besides cattle, additionally, there are cows, swans, birds, birds, and rabbits. Everybody can socialize and feed these creatures also.

  • Land of Hobbiton

It’s not necessary to visit New Zealand to get Hobbiton since Farmhouse Bandung has hobbit homes also. They are like in the films. Rounded design together with the roof covered with straw, grass, and plants. Proceed inside and other inquisitive explorers but see to your mind — its elevation is just half of their human stature. Nobody will locate any hobbits here; however, only experiences.

  • Farmhouse Bandung Costume Party

What is more enjoyable than walking about a medieval European village? Put on a costume, and voila, it seems just like a couple of decades back. To get a more immersive experience, rent a conventional European dress while exploring the village. Those vibrant dresses would make girls feel as though Belle. Or Cinderella depends upon what everybody’s favorite Disney princess is.

The dresses arrive with bonnets and a basket of flowers to finish the lovely village woman look, aside from conventional European dresses. Visitors may also select cowboy outfits or Native American costumes. How Cowboys and Indians relate to the European setting, that is a puzzle. Nevertheless, it’s entertaining! If many people wear and rent outfits, the entire area would feel to be an excellent movie place — or a massive costume party. Visitors can lease these costumes for IDR 50,000 per 2 hours.

  • The Backyard Kitchen

At the end of the trip, proceed to dine in Backyard Kitchen. The only real restaurant in this farmhouse is enchanting and its rustic European inside and large windows. The menu ranges from Indonesian pleasure to European classic — Attempt Nasi Goreng or Wagyu Classic Steak. Prices begin from IDR 25,000 into IDR 150,000, somewhat pricey, but the ambiance wins within the purchase price.

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