Facial Spider Veins In Singapore: What You Need To Know


When people think of varicose and spider veins in Singapore, they imagine venous legs, calves, and ankles. But little did they know that varicose, specifically, spider veins can appear on the face!

It is not very surprising given that varicose veins can occur anywhere in the body; they are more common and apparent in the legs. So this creates a misconception that varicose and spider veins only affect the legs.

But don’t worry; a vein clinic in Singaporeoffers accessible treatments for varicose and spider veins. This article will discuss the things you need to know about spider veins.

What You Need To Know About Spider Veins In Singapore

When you see green to purple veins underneath the skin, sometimes bulging out, it is a sign that you have varicose or spider veins in Singapore. But most people mix up varicose and spider veins. Are these two different? Let’s find out.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are thin, damaged and broken blood vessels beneath the skin. They are usually blue, red, and purple in colour with a web-like appearance, hence the name.

Spider veins are quite similar to varicose veins except for a few things. Firstly, although spider and varicose veins are both damaged blood vessels, spider veins are more harmless than varicose veins. Although possible, it is less likely to cause pain and discomfort. On the other hand, some people seek sclerotherapy in Singapore to get rid of the discomfort due to varicose veins.

Secondly, although varicose and spider veins can happen throughout the body, spider veins are more common in the face and lower limbs, such as legs, calves, and ankles. Meanwhile, varicose veins are more common in the lower limbs.

Lastly, the appearance ofspider veins in Singaporeis quite distinct from varicose veins. Spider veins are as thin as a thread, and usually blue to reddish, and remain underneath the skin. Whereas varicose veins are thicker, some have a paler colour and, most of the time, bulge in the skin.

What causes facial spider veins?


As mentioned, spider veins in the face are more common than you imagined. You may even have one on your face right now. There are several causes and risk factors of facial spider veins in Singapore:

● Ageing

People’s skin thins as they age. It is the reason why the broken vessels become more apparent to older people. Moreover, because old people’s skin is thin, they are more prone to sun damage, which is also a risk factor for spider veins.

● Genetics

People with a family history of varicose and spider veins have a higher chance of developing spider veins. Scientists are still unable to pinpoint the genetic factor contributing to the chance of inheriting this condition.

● Hormones

Women are more prone to varicose and spider veins in Singapore because of their hormones. The levels of progesterone and oestrogen hormones can affect the health of your veins. When the progesterone drops, the small veins dilate and become more visible. It allows the blood to pool in the veins, increasing the pressure and eventually damaging them.

● Pregnancy

Besides the hormonal changes in the woman’s body during pregnancy, exerting force when pushing out a child during the delivery causes the veins and capillaries in the face to bust. Fortunately, they disappear after pregnancy.

● Sun damage

Heat and sun damage enlarges the vessels; hence, allowing the blood to pool. When the blood vessels are enlarged, they appear near the skin’s surface.

On top of that, the skin peels when it gets sunburned. The fresh skin reveals the busted vessels more. Thankfully, spider veins are harmless, but you can still consult your vascular doctor in Singapore if they bother you.

● Alcohol

Alcohol dilates blood vessels. When it happens, the blood pools in the vein and causes damage. However, this is temporary, unless the person continues to drink.

● Head injuries

Previous head injuries may leave damaged and broken vessels and capillaries. The good thing is that they can heal and leave no permanent damage.

● Pressure

Similar to pushing your baby out of the womb, pressure and force from sneezing and vomiting can bust the vessels.

What are the treatments for spider veins?


Sclerotherapy in Singaporeis a process of hardening and closing off broken veins by injecting a chemical solution called sclerosing agents. This treatment reduces swelling. It also gets rid of the broken vessels by shrinking them completely.

Sclerotherapy has immediate results. It is also painless, and patients can return to their activities after. This treatment is affordable as well. You can inquire about a vein clinic in Singapore for this treatment.

Laser Therapy

In laser therapy, a laser destroys and shrinks the broken vessels through the skin’s surface. It may leave some dark spots on the skin, which will disappear in weeks.

Laser therapy has immediate results as well; however, the patient should wear compression stockings for better results. Sun exposure must also be avoided as well.

Endovenous laser therapy (EVLT)

In this treatment, thevascular doctor in Singapore creates an incision on the affected area and inserts a laser fibre. Once set, the doctor will activate the fibre, which will begin the heat. As it warms, it destroys and shuts the vessels. The heat does not affect the nearby area.

After the treatment, the patient should wear a compression stocking and take regular walks to prevent complications. The person can return to their activity immediately.

Home remedies

Home remedies do not cure spider veins in Singapore100%, but they can reduce the appearance and discomfort slightly.

● Retinol or vitamin C creams

Retinol and vitamin C boost the production of collagen in the skin. The collagen helps regenerate skin cells damaged by sun exposure and, eventually, reduces the appearance of spider veins.

● Cold compress

A cold compress can help reduce the swelling and dilation of the vessels after sun and heat exposure. You can apply a cold compress after exposing yourself to the sun.

● Wear sun protection

Avoiding sun exposure and wearing sun protection will reduce sun damage that causes blood vessels to bust.


Spider veins in Singapore are often treated as a cosmetic problem, but if it starts bothering your quality of life by causing pain and discomfort, you can always visit a vein clinic for treatment.

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