Essential Sex Educational Tips For Teenagers    

Sex for the first time might be frightening. For teens, the challenge is twofold: first, they must deal with surging hormones and confusing physiological sexual changes. Two, because of the stigma surrounding sex education, their sole source of influence is pornography, which is typically unrealistic.

We understand your predicament. That’s why we’ve included answers to some of the most common sex education questions you could have as a teen below!

  1. Does Oral Sex Count As Sex?

Most teens indulge in oral sex more than penetrative sex, so certainly oral sex counts. Although you cannot get pregnant with oral sex alone, so it is a safer alternative as a teen.

Additionally, you use a condom for oral sex too, as most STDs can easily be transferred during oral sex. You can opt for scores of ultra-thin flavored condoms available to maximize your pleasure.

  1. Does It Bleed During First Time Sex?

Bleeding during the first time you have penetrative vaginal sex is common- due to the presence of hymen- and it is nothing to be worried about. Although more often than not, the hymen is already broken during routine tasks like riding a bike or doing gymnastics, so bleeding isn’t an indication of your virginity either.

  1. What’s The Best Position For First Time Sex?

Honestly, the best position is where you feel most comfortable, so it depends on what you prefer.

It is better to start with a simpler position the first time- like the missionary position- just so that you get the hang of the act.

  1. Will First Time Sex Hurt?

Most women feel some discomfort-not pain- from the first-ever penetration, but that doesn’t last.

The best way to ease the process and minimize the discomfort is lots of foreplay and some lube.


  1. Do I Need to Wear a Condom If I Plan to ‘withdraw’ Before Ejaculation?

Withdrawing before ejaculation needs skill and practice, and it is an unsafe method of contraception for a first-time novice.

Condoms have a dual advantage- they not only prevent unwanted teen pregnancies, but they also ensure your and your partner’s protection from STDs.

  1. How Do I Choose The Right Condom?

Choose a flavored condom if you’re planning for oral sex, choose a thin condom for his pleasure, and a ribbed one for her pleasure.

Choosing the right fit is just as essential as selecting the right type of condom.

Ensure you choose a size that fits you snugly when erect. Choosing a smaller size will lead to pain, and getting a larger size will lead to slippage of the condom.

If you’re feeling shy to ask the pharmacist for the right size, you can always opt to buy condoms online.


Learning about sex as a teen may keep you healthy and possibly save your life. This is why, before you check out that porn or ask that pal for sex ed, you should consult reputable sources, such as this guide.