E-Filing v/s Manual Filing

As today’s generation communicate, shop, bank and transact everything online, then why don’t you file taxes online?

Tax2Win offer you a overview of why you should justify that filing taxes online is advantageous in comparison to doing them by hands.

Usage of Records

Online filing of taxes permit you to upload all documents at one place and so they are plentiful. While manual tax filing makes injury to users to get involved with their physical records in situation of emergency.

Tracking the Status of Return Processing

Online filing allows you to certainly track the status of return received by Tax Department and processing of refund for people who’ve claimed one. Whereas the status of physically filed returns cannot be tracked easily because postal services may be the only medium to speak in situation of physical form.

Easy Preparation

The information could possibly get locked in the internet based system when the filing of taxes is carried out online. Now it might be simple to edit the information as you can auto populated from old records. However, just one mistake observed during manual filing of tax statements can result in huge tax liability.

Decrease in Calculation Errors

In situation of internet filing, the Inbuilt data validation and tax calculation program nullifies error in tax calculations. Whereas in manual filing, the earnings, tax figures should be calculated by users themselves which many occasions lead to some errors.

Quick Refund

Refunds get processed faster with internet filing of tax statements. However, there can be delay in processing of return and payment of refunds should you by hands file your taxes.

Convenience in Submission

There’s it’s not necessary to stay at home extended queues for submission of return should you file taxes online. But manual taxes filing requires you to definitely certainly certainly stay at home extended queues in tax offices for submission of return.


In eFiling, there is no possibility of misplacing of documents during manual filing there’s possibility of misplacing the papers endangering to risk.


eFiling services are available 24×7 i.e. may be filed everywhere anytime whereas in manual filing department could possibly get closed at 6:00 p.m. operating a business days and stays closed on holidays.


In eFiling payment is created digitally so least or absolutely no way of errors and risk compared manual filing involves possibility of errors and risks because the payment will probably be created by hands.


Also, sometimes, it’s mandatory to produce the return online. For instance, earnings getting exceeds Rs. 5 lakh or persons getting assets outdoors India are required to make an application for online only.

Tax2Win is simple, secure, intuitive and fun to make use of. You can file your returns online within short time.