Dota Underlords versus Teamfight Legends

Auto Battler by Valve: Dota Underlords

An advanced version of the Dota 2 Auto Chess that was polished by Valve and balance was enhanced a lot. A lot of the improvements were done and now this game looks like not a free-2-play game, but as a high-quality product. This is an official Dota game and that have all the rights to use all 135 Dota 2 heroes, so do not fear – Valve will definitely add other mechanics and interesting interactions. Most of the ingame mechanics were adopted directly from the Auto Chess, but with the help of talented developers from Valve. The UI is almost perfect after a few patches (on the release it was awful though).


The only thing that is beloved by all Auto Battlers is the unique item system, that positively highlighting this game from the other. But the strengths end here, the game in the current state is very similar to the Auto Chess. There is no new experience so many players would be pretty disappointed. But do not panic! Valve has a perfect balance team and with the release, they will add a lot of unique units, alliances and this will be the whole new game.

But let’s talk about the item system – this is a true gem. After a PvE round, you will be gifted with three items from which you need to choose only one. Even compared to the wide and interesting item list of Teamfight Tactics this system looks preferable by many players.

Auto Battler by Riot Games: Teamfight Tactics

Riot Games developed the youngest Auto Battler. But recently it was released, on June 26. Players were extremely hyped about getting auto-battle mode in League of legends, just look at the popularity on!

The main difference between TFT and Auto Chess is that is more quick and intensive. Every second is important, so you will need to know the micro at your finest. The only moments where you could refresh your mind is the carousel and the PvE rounds, but beware! If you will fail the PvE you will be heavily damaged and probably lose an item.

auto battlers

Of course, there are some downsides, for an example the learning curve for the players who don’t know names or splashes of champions is extremely high. Dota Underlords, in this case, made much better, the small tips always showing you which hero you need to buy to receive additional buff or which hero you already have on board. Another little flaw is that Riot Games has not added as many units in this game as other projects. This is awful because you will have fewer options to counter your opponent. Meta is not as flexible as I wanted.


The speed is the major factor for mobile games, and I love how Dota Underlords and Teamfight Tactics improved the whole genre in this case. Do not forget to use TFT boosting services if you are not good enough or just to climb the ladder! So if you are looking for a game that not lasts more than 30-40 minutes, then these two Auto Battlers are for you!