Different Kinds of Adorable French Bulldog

When we think of a French Bulldog puppy or even an adult dog, the first thing that comes to mind is the bulging eyes, its short snout and the raised ears like those of a bat. Few people think of the colors of the bulldog. But, did you know that there are permitted and not officially recognized colors for this breed? The permitted colors are those that classify a Frenchie as being a legitimate representative of the lineage.

Dogs that are born with some of the “forbidden colors” are not recognized by the federations that set the standards for the breed, which sets standards that are valid worldwide. Do you know which the official colors of a bulldog are and which are not? You have no idea? This text is for you.

Brindle French Bulldog

Dogs classified in this color may have the coat of a lighter brindle, the reverse brindle or the golden brindle), with a light colored background and dark colored stripes, to the medium brindle, where the light and dark hairs are equally distributed. Also included in this group are bulldogs with dark brindle hair, with light stripes on the dark colored background. Some dark brindles are often mistaken for black.

Fawn French Bulldog

Fawns have colors that go from light, like the colors of coffee with milk (cream) to dark red. The fawn bulldog may have small white spots, even distribution of fawn and white spots or white spots prevalent over its body.

White French Bulldog

The white Frenchie dog has depigmentation in the eyes and skin. These animals do not have the albinism gene. Their coloring comes from incorrect mating with white-haired dogs. This type of breeding is prohibited, as it can cause deafness in animals and favors the development of skin and eye cancer.

French bulldog ultra-depigmented fawns (hyper-diluted fawns)

Bulldogs with this coat, also mistakenly called cream bulldogs, have a light colored skin, mucosa, eyes and nose. These animals go against the standards set by the French federation because they may be more prone to deafness and other serious illnesses, caused by the dilution of body pigments, reflecting incorrect crossings between very light dogs.

French Bulldog chocolate

Chocolate-colored bulldogs brown or liver) are born with this coat thanks to a recessive diluting gene, which leaves their body with chocolate brown hair, brown truffle, brown skin and light brown, yellow or green eyes. This mutation makes them more prone to many diseases.

French Bulldog Blue

The blue color of these bulldogs comes from a recessive diluting gene and is characterized by the animal having bluish gray fur, fur and truffle. Your eyes can be gray, blue, green or yellow.