Could Digital Nomads Be the New Face of Travel?

It’s safe to say the travel and hospitality industry has went through a tough year, but as many countries are now looking to round the corner and get things back to a stronger position – whilst there are many different opportunities that could come throughout the remainder of this year, there is one big change that could change the face of travel for a longer period of time – with a major shift in employment to allow for a lot more flexibility in remote working, could the future of travel provide unique possibilities for the growing number of people looking to pursue a digital nomad lifestyle?

The most impactful part of the change will be in the growth of location independent business as possibilities for online start-ups become much more easily accessible, combined with the recent eye to provide many new visa options for those looking to travel it means that there’s a wider audience seeking possibilities in travelling whilst working, with plenty of information out there like this city guide to bali for example, those who have already laid a blueprint are able to provide all of the information necessary to those looking  for the change. That isn’t to say a digital nomad lifestyle hasn’t always been accessible, but the possibilities now even in regular office work for example now exists, and covers a much wider demographic.

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It’s also important to consider the technology that is allowing for the change, with announcements from the likes of Elon Musk announcing the trial period for internet options like StarLink, and with 5G now becoming much more widespread too, connectivity options are only improving so even those in locations that have less than reliable connectivity won’t feel as if they have to move on quicker than they’d like, as they’ll be able to stay online. Alongside this is the rise in online communication platforms like Zoom and Teams that have been essential throughout this past year, given these will be a huge focus moving forward with new tools that allow for different communication options whilst using them, a trip to the office is becoming less and less important as these platforms further develop.

That isn’t to say there aren’t difficulties ahead, with a growing audience there will always inevitably be things that pop up to show where potential problems could lie ahead, but for many that’s seemingly little to outweigh all of the benefits that the flexibility of remote work and travel brings, and the experiences gained too. Keep an eye out for potential upcoming visa changes alongside the countries that have already announced their own extensive programs to encourage travel, and you may be able to find yourself a great deal on a trip to your dream location which has all of the support necessary to allow you to work remotely without issue.