Want daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards? Check out Winzo’s games


Winzo is one of the best and large gaming platforms to play and win a lot of real money. On this platform, you will find various exciting games in different formats. You will need to have an account on the platform before you can now participate with other players. GetMega is one of the major gaming platforms that allow you to play every type of game. 

The Winzo and Getmega platform are for various players who like to showcase their skills or knowledge for a given game online. On top of showcasing your talents in these games, you can earn real-world money if you win a contest. This article will help you to learn if you want to participate in daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards content with Winzo’s games platform.

What are leaderboards on the Winzo gaming platform?

Leaderboards on the Winzo platform will let you and other players enter competitions for given games or challenges. You will then see how you will score among the other players. With the leaderboards, there are a lot of options that you can choose from. For example, you can create and involve yourself in global or friends-only leaderboards.

There are other types or different leaderboards that can help you to play games on the Winzo platform. These categories are in terms of timing. Here you will have events in a different time frame. For example, you can have the short time ones, and others are long time events.

These leaderboards are usually recurring and can repeat themselves for a specified set time before it expires. With Winzo, you can involve yourself in monthly, monthly, or weekly events to play and win the matches and have a lot of prizes. Now let’s look at what different leaderboard cycles you can participate in the Winzo gaming platform.

Leaderboard cycles

Daily Leaderboard

A daily leaderboard is one that you can participate in on Winzo. It is a leaderboard where different players can play within 24 hours. Then scores from the different players are collected on the leaderboard service and ranked accordingly. To win in this kind of leaderboard, you will have to keep playing within this time and ensure you maintain your position high so that before the time reset. For the winner of the events, win real money.

The good thing with this option is;

  • You can play different games.
  • You can use participants in the daily contest.
  • Get instant daily pay if you win
  • You can also introduce friends to the platform and have friends’ only leaderboard.¬†

Weekly Leaderboard

It is another category where you can participate in Winzo. This category is similar to the daily leaderboard. However, the ranking of scores is updated weekly. For you to emerge a winner in this category, you will be required to maintain your position and keep playing well so that at the end of the seven days, you can be a winner.

It is the best strategy if you are the kind of person who will not just play for fun but want to win and avoid losing. With the combination of your analytic skills, you will have to rely on the available data for the past competition and be able to read the strengths and weaknesses of the other player. With this information, you utilize your opponent’s weakness, increasing the chance of winning.

Some of the benefits of this category on the Winzo platform includes;

  • Weekly payment if you win
  • You can use the available statistics of the contest to scale your game so that you can win at the end of seven days.
  • It leads to motivation and a feeling of engagement or satisfaction.
  • Lead to behavioural change as you will set goals, use the feedback, and know-how to utilize the information you have to win the contest.

Monthly Leaderboard

A monthly leaderboard is a contest category whose time frame is a monthly basis. Here, the score and rank of various players are recorded before the leaderboard reset at the end of the 30 days. With this schedule of contents on the Winzo, you will be able to participate in the contest for a longer time. Here you can increase the chance of winning by understanding the different players at the beginning of the contest. You will have ample time for the next competition. You will have to plan yourself well so that your likelihood of winning is very high.

Some of the advantages of a monthly leaderboard include;

  • Ability to participate in a contest for a long time.
  • Boost your engagement in online gaming and many others.


This article is about how you can play daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards. With different games, which are more than 70 on the platform, you can choose the Getmega and Winzo to win. Here these three categories can help you enjoy yourself and be able to utilize the opportunity in these contests to increase the chance of winning.