Bridal Jewelry is Never Complete without a Touch of Pearl Accessories

Pearls symbolize purity during weddings. In many countries wearing pearls on the wedding day symbolizes a happy marriage.

Pearls and Simple yet Elegant

Bridal pearls hold emotional value for some. The jewelry might have been passed on from generations and wearing this to your own wedding is something that you will cherish throughout your life. If you plan on purchasing a new set, then you can take a look at online stores that specialize in bridal collection pearl jewellery. You can get more insight on the type of bridal pearls available and which will best match your wedding dress.

Many stores will also help modify or alter your existing pearl jewelry in unique designs and styles of your choice. One of the most important factors that you might want to take into consideration is the wedding theme.

Jewellery for Formal and Casual Weddings

Wedding is an important day for any bride. If you are attending a formal wedding, then you might want to consider going in for simple pearl designs. You can go in for a single or double strand pearl necklace and match it with a pair of ear studs.

In the case of casual weddings, you can mix and match different types of pearls as per the wedding theme. You can even colour coordinate pearls to match your wedding outfit.

Size Does Matter for Jewelry

 Parls are suitable for all age groups. Different pearl necklace lengths will suit different age groups.

  • For the Elders – Go in for white pearls. The necklace length can be between 18 to 22 inches
  • For the Bridesmaids – Depending on the dress, the pearl colours can be decided
  • Pearl length can be between 16 – 20 inches
  • Flower girls – Go in for long necklaces ranging up to 14 inches in length

Pearls can also be worn by the male guests and of course the groom. They can add pearls as cufflinks, shirt studs or as tie tacks.

The bride can wear a large pearl at the wedding so as to distinguish her from the guests. Her jewellery should match with her personality. The groom on the other hand, different colour pearls or coordinate with the colour of his bride’s jewellery.


Ensure that you decide on your pearl jewellery after finalizing the dress. Go in for pearls with high lustre and shine.