Are searching for Best women-centric Telugu films to watch, ‘36 Vayasulo’ is the best choice for you


Some people utilize their free time with message oriented movies, some with best women centric conceptual movies. In that sense, Jyothika starrer lady oriented film ’36 Vayasulo’ will be

in the first line among the best women-centric of latest Telugu movies online.  It is a motivational film, which can watch the whole family.

The movie is about a married woman, who aimed to get a significant career after marriage and recognition from the president of the country.  The movie got very good response among movies on Aha OTT platform.  It has also got high demand among latest Telugu movies online.

Let’s see the details of 36 Vayasulo, who the movie achieved best among latest Telugu movies online and as well as how the movie trending high among movies on aha.


Vasanti (Jyotika), a typical house spouse who along with her better half Ram Prasad (Rahman) needs to leave for Ireland. Notwithstanding, visa issues were additionally finished. Then again, she abruptly gets a call from the President of India. With that, she inadvertently gets well known.

News about her is all over online media and channels. Nonetheless, she tumbles down in the overpressure of ubiquity while she will meet the President of India. Around then, all the notoriety, which came quick and furthermore lost quick. She gets direct at home, in the city, and in her calling as well.

Ramprasad additionally leaves for Ireland with his girl. Vasanthi attempts to end up in this forlornness. She again hones her quality. Defeats her own negatives. Again gets the call from the President. How is this conceivable? How did a customary housewife arrive at the President’s Office? That is the story.

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Artistes’ Performances:

We know about the quality of Jyothika’s performance. She assumed various roles in her past and impressed the audience well. Jyothika depicted the role of Vasanthi with essence. She just lived in the character.

The audience is likewise acquainted with Rahman, who assumed numerous vital roles in most of the latest Telugu films. He likewise dominated himself in the film. All the other cast played very well in the film as much as their need to the film.


Roshan Androos directed the film overall. The way in which his taking and portrayal of the story on the screen is excessively fascinating. He totally raised the issue of ladies strengthening and furthermore centered around persuasive angles. He prefers to hoist the point that ‘Is there a cutoff time for young ladies’?

The point shakes the President of the Country in the film. The tunes are situational and wonderful in background music. The ambient sounds raised the scenes. It’s a low budget film, however it’s not seem that way.


Inspiring elements, Jyothika’s performance, direction and background music.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Jyothika, Rahaman, Abhirami, etc

Screenplay & Dialogues: Roshan Androose

Cinematography: R. Divakaran

Music: Santosh Narayan

Producer: Suriya


An inspiring film with heartfelt emotional family drama, which can be watched along with kids.

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