Are Mobile Tech Changes Slowing Down?

Our smart phones can often be one of the most big impactful purchases any of us make on  a semi-regular basis if upgrading every few years, but the latest flagships have been going through fewer and fewer big updates, but more expensive prices – it has led to many forgoing upgrading their device for a longer period of time as they wait for something a little more improved on their existing device from years prior, but is this showing a slowing in tech changes for mobile, or are the upgrades coming in different ways?

Some big tech is still making a change ­– The latest big announcement had certainly been with the shift for 5G over the past year or two, as all the big releases are now showing the enabled feature. Whilst it may seem like a small change for some, it is a very impactful update that will remain unchanged for a longer period of time – if choosing between small incremental upgrades year after, or big-ticket upgrades on a slower release schedule, these bigger changes certainly make all the more difference.

Less noticed, or less valued changes are becoming available too ­– Changes to other aspects of mobile have become available too, but may either be less noticeable or less used, the big one over recent years has been bringing a faster display to more consumer devices as more have become equipped with 120hz capable screens, the biggest impact can primarily be felt in gaming with the rise of some of the biggest genres and options at Max casinos for example, but as these features are less known to a wider audience they’re less as noticeable or impactful as others.

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Frustration as key components become stale – Much of the frustration around lack of change comes as there’s little change being made to some of the big ticket items that have went through little change in recent years, notably in things like mobile batteries – more powerful devices and bigger displays have the bigger power draw, but battery tech hasn’t kept up with the change and are one of the more notable tech pieces falling behind – until these big ticket items are able to catch up, it may be one of the key components holding things back, and may be part of what is holding people back from upgrading alongside the increasing costs.

As a whole, mobile tech changes aren’t necessarily slowing, but just becoming less impactful as a priority is placed on smaller and perhaps less impactful upgrades – if you’re on the fence about whether or not it’s time to upgrade, you’ll probably be better off looking at what your uses are, as there may be little hardware difference that will impact performance.