All You Need to Know About Maid Insurance

The maid insurance plan is a plan that you should know about, especially when you will hire a maid in Singapore. This is necessary for every employer to purchase hl assurance comprehensive maid insurance plan for domestic helpers. Here we will talk about every short detail that helps you be aware of the maid insurance plans.

What is the maid insurance plan?

In Singapore, most people hire domestic helpers to help them with their daily household chores. But as per the government rules, before hiring a maid, you should purchase an insurance plan for them. According to the Ministry of Manpower, it is compulsory to purchase a plan for your maid that includes

  1. Coverage to the hospitalization charges of up to $15,000 yearly
  2. A security bond of S$5,000 if you hire a domestic helper from foreign countries.
  3. Along with that, you should buy an insurance plan that offers coverage on accidents of up to S$60,000 yearly.

This insurance plan is a must for the maid and their family to get the lump sum amount of money in case if anything bad happens to them. In case if your maid will permanently disable due to an accident, then their family will receive an amount.

Most of the insurance companies offer 14 to 26-month plans. At the same time, some companies offer insurance plans for 12 to 24 months.

Well, which kind of plan you want for your maid is totally depends upon you. It depends upon your budget and requirements. This plan is necessary to provide your maid so that they can get enough coverage that will be sufficient for you.

Anyone can purchase this plan from any insurance company and also make them personalized by adding some add-on benefits or coverage. You don’t know how much critical illness coverage is enough for your maid. Therefore, this plan is beneficial to save your money in the upcoming future. There are many more important benefits of this plan that we are going to discuss in the below sections.

Benefits of purchasing Maid Insurance plan

  • To get coverage on your domestic helper’s personal belonging

If any of the personal belongings are damaged or stolen from your home, it’s your responsibility to give them coverage. But when you have a plan like this, then you don’t have to give money from your pocket. The insurance company will provide coverage to your maid.

  • Replacement expenses

Sometimes, you want to change or replace your maid. In some cases, you want to get another maid due to the disability or death of your first maid. So, in this case, if you have the maid insurance plan, then the company will offer you the agency fee or some amount to search for the next one.

  • Repatriation expenses

In case if your maid is or if he/she will die in some severe condition, then the company will provide a lump sum amount to their family. They provide a repatriation expense that the maid’s family can use to trip back her/his body to their home country.

  • Wage compensation

The maid’s insurance plan also covers the wage expenses. It means if your maid is hospitalized due to illness or any severe condition, then they will still get their monthly payment until their recovery. Well, this amount is provided to them for a certain time period.

  • Outpatient expenses

Besides all the things, the insurance also provides coverage on outpatient expenses. It also provides coverage on third-party liability and theft of your personal property.

What are the factors in which you don’t get coverage?

Every insurance plan offers different coverage on different things. But still, some insurance doesn’t offer any coverage to your maid if he/she is suffering from venereal diseases, psychiatric, and pregnancy. Even the reimbursement coverage also depends upon the parts of your body which are paralyzed. Well, different insurance plan has different price. You should choose the plans which fulfill your requirements and also come into your budget!

When should you buy the plans?

The policy date will be started after the five days of your purchase. So, first, you have to submit the application before your maid will arrive in Singapore. You can purchase this plan for your new maids, renewal maids, and as well to the transferred maids. The starting date of the plan is divided into three categories.

  • If you are planning to purchase this plan for a new maid, then the starting date is when your maid arrives from Singapore.
  • If you are planning to renew the insurance plans, then the policy start after the expiry of current plans
  • At the same time, if you are preparing to purchase the plan for the replacement of the maid, then starting date will be the date on which you apply for the transfer.

What are the things that you should remember while purchasing any plan?

  1. Before purchasing this plan, you should check your helper’s pre-existing condition. You should know their existing health condition. You should be aware of the policy that what it covers, and whatnot.
  2. Before purchasing any policy, you should know how and when to claim in critical situations. You should check in which condition you can claim to the company.
  3. A person should choose the insurance plans that cover fever and illness so that your maid can receive the right treatments at the right time.
  4. You should be more conscious about the outpatient benefit. During the bond of his/her employment, if he or she will face any accidental situations, then they could get benefit from this plan. Therefore you should check the accidental conditions in which they receive medical benefits.


By concluding the overall content, you might understand that how a maid insurance plan is beneficial for you and your domestic helper. It shows your responsibility towards the employee. If you also want to buy this type of plan, then choose a trusted insurance company near your location and pick the right plan for your maid!