Aerial Stock Footage: How does it Work?

Drone footage has certainly been one of the most exciting developments in photography for several years. It is mostly equipped with a high-resolution camera that allow you to capture unique points of view of common subjects. Before buying aerial stock footage online, here are things you should know.

The Choice of the Right Drone?

Recently, the cost of these devices has dropped dramatically and if you decide to venture down this route, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Contrary to what some claim, drones are real tools for producing beautiful photos, just like you do with your case. In this article, we will explain how to properly integrate them into your workflow and all you need to know about them. You can buy aerial stock footage on if you want to take advantages of this technology.

As with most modern technologies, there is a huge range of drones on the market. Like photographic equipment in general, the amount of money you are willing to spend will determine the quality of the camera on board and the flight characteristics of the drone itself. There are inexpensive models that will take very basic images. You can even add your GoPro to some units that will take advantage of the gear you already own. There is a company that has a range of models and has a large percentage of the market; this is of course DJI. Their Phantom line of drones are the number one choice for aerial photography enthusiasts, and although they make top-of-the-line models, the Phantom 3 series models are the most popular drones in the world.

How to Start Making Aerial Footage?

One of the main characteristics of drones these days is their ease of use. “Fly out of the box” is a common term you will see in their ads. Ans as matter of fact, it is also very true. Charge the battery, download and install the application, launch it, and you are good to go. However, it must be mentioned that although they are easy to fly, common sense and care are an important part of aerial flight. It is suggested that you start with a few limitations put in place on your smartphone app, which allows you to control your drone. It is advisable to limit the maximum height. We recommend to start in an open area, like a park. Take time to familiarize with the controls before you even press the shutter button. Always be aware of your location in relation to what is around you.