About Sterling Silver

An introduction to jewelry

Let’s get into the definition of jewelry first: what can be defined as jewelry? It’s almost regarded as a symbol of luxury for the elite. It can be deemed as one of the most valuable possessions you can own. And it’s often held in such high regard that people boast of their jewelry collection, or at least protect it at one would do actual cash and many other items.

They frequently get lumped in with other items people consider valuable, like actual money. But unlike money, there’s something that makes it more special. It has both physical and personal value to the owner. Gold watches, sapphire earrings, silver necklaces, ruby rings… why are they so valuable?

Why people buy jewelry

It might be hard to understand why they become so valuable in the first place. It speaks to our human nature. In truth, the answer is due to a number of factors, and it can differ from person to person. Most commonly, we love them because they are both rare and beautiful. The price of most jewelry often fluctuates because of its nature. Here are the three reasons why we love jewelry:

  • They are accessories that are meant to last a long time. We like to pass on keepsakes for our descendants to cherish
  • Since it is coveted in the market, and they last a long time, these pieces become more valuable as time goes on: some people keep and sell jewelry like they are investments.
  • They are hard to find– humans tend to naturally gravitate towards rare things.

But the number one thing that defines jewelry is that despite this, it’s the meaning we attach to these items that give it its value. A jewelry piece can have more meaning to you personally because they’re often used as gifts or keepsakes.

Should you buy jewelry?

There are a myriad of reasons you, personally should buy jewelry. Should you consider buying jewelry for someone? What about starting a jewelry collection? For both of those questions, it’s a resounding yes. They make for great gifts to send to someone since they’re small, unobtrusive accessories that almost anyone can use. On the other hand, buying jewelry for yourself is a good investment– both for you and your family. Long-lasting and timeless, some of them only get better with age.

There are many different types of jewelry available for the person starting out. Many are made with a stunning range of materials that range from rarity, price, and quality. If you’re interested in buying expensive jewelry like, say, silver, you’ll need to know a little more about it. Let’s take a look.

The use of silver in jewelry

Silver is one of the metals used in jewelry. In fact, it may even be one of the most popular metals used in jewelry. It’s a very adaptable metal that serves many aesthetic purposes, with a beautiful and mesmerizing luster that anyone can appreciate. This shiny metal is elegant and can be paired with many different outfits, as well as be shaped into all kinds of jewelry, like silver rings and the like.

Sterling Silver: the queen of all silver jewelry

Sterling silver, otherwise known as 925 silver, gets its name from its metal makeup. 925 silver isn’t actually pure silver (pure silver is too soft to be made into anything durable, so they have to be mixed with an alloy so it can achieve the hardness required of jewelry). Jewelry like silver rings is made of 92.5% silver, and 7.5% other metals like copper, nickel or zinc.

It’s the perfect starter for those who want to move into more “high-class” jewelry. Considered the 3rd in the triad of popular precious metals (The latter two being gold and platinum), buying sterling silver jewelry is a great investment. Let’s see more reasons to choose it:

  • Immensely popular. Sterling silver never goes out of style. Recognizable for its shiny gray sheen, it creates a timeless look that most will appreciate.
  • Cheaper than the other precious metals. Even if it’s on the same level as gold and platinum, it’s far more affordable than those two, and still looks amazing to boot.
  • Don’t expect it to warp with daily use– it’s a hardy metal. It’s resistant to bending and breakage.

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