A Budget Category Checklist For Organising Your Personal Finances

Without a budget, your finances will seem chaotic, which is why people get help from a debt consultant. The secret to a debt-free life is sticking to a budget and allocating your income to appropriate categories. Sure, loan consolidation programmes in Singapore help for various financial purposes, but minimising its risks is still practical.

To help you with organising budget categories, here’s a checklist.


On top of your list should be household finances, including property taxes, repairs and maintenance, cleaning, rent, and utilities, such as electricity, water, cable, internet, and gas. Consider a debt consultant if you need help with allocating taxes and fees.


If you own a car, add your monthly transportation expenses to your checklist, including gas, toll fees, parking fees, and maintenance.


With a debt consultancy service, they can also help allocate funds for daily and occasional food needs. Plan your income and set a budget for groceries, work lunches, and dining out.


Setting aside your savings is essential. If you have a loan consolidation in Singapore to pay, consider adding it to your list. Include a budget for your loans, emergency funds, insurance, and investments.


Don’t forget to include health in your budget categories. Allocate funds for medical, dental, prescription glasses, first-aid items, and vitamins.


Personal care is another factor to consider to minimise the chances of debt consultancy service. Include hygiene products, haircuts, makeup, and other care services on your list.


Living with pets is costly. Ensure to manage costs for your fur baby, such as their food, medication, treatments, toys, and vet visits.

Getting a debt consultancy service can help you manage your resources well. Considering the recent events around the globe, start a regular saving habit and use your money wisely. Unless it is for an emergency, that’s the only time you need to make sacrifices. Either use your savings or call a debt consultant.

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