6 Questions to Ask a Podiatrist in Singapore

No matter how different we are from each other, we all have something in common. Our mind has a lot of questions. Primarily, when it comes to our health. We often think a lot of things and search them on the internet so that we can find the answer. However, the internet is not a place where you could get the right responses to your condition. Well, we could get a few details, but those are only general answers for general questions. Those could not treat you the same ways as what doctors could do. Much more, self-medication has a lot of risks. You might misdiagnose yourself and consume an incorrect dosage of drugs. When you do, you are just placing your health into more harm than good. So, what should you do when your feet get a cut or blister? Instead of exploring the internet of what home remedy you could use, you should look for afoot clinic near you in Singapore. Doing so would help your feet get better and faster, too!. Also, you would no longer have to waste your time trying to treat yourself.

However, before you could come to see a foot specialist in Singapore, we advise you to be ready. Come prepared so you would be able to get out of your time with your podiatrist. Here are just a few questions you might want to ask at your first appointment. 

  1. What is wrong with my foot/feet?

This question is just you, the patient, asking the podiatristfor their diagnosis. It would be a good idea to ask them this after they have examined your foot condition and even run some tests. However, before they could provide you with such details, they would need some information about you. One of which is how long are you in pain? What have you been doing so far? Did you notice something before you feel this discomfort?

Well, there are also other questions you might find hard to answer. So, instead of mulling over your seat, consider giving them your medical records. That document would help them diagnose and find out what is wrong with your foot/feet.

  1. Why and how did it happen?

Like most things, it happens for a reason. The foot problem you are experiencing is often a result of something else. You could say it is an aftereffect of what you had done. So, before the foot specialist in Singapore answers this question, they would need to know your habits, lifestyle, etc. Giving this information would help them find the underlying cause of the problem.

  1. What is the best possible and available treatment for my foot/feet?

Apodiatry clinic will do some tests, following a diagnosis before they could plan out which treatment suits your condition at best. When they do provide you with some options, make sure to clarify the steps that you need to follow. That way, you would be more familiar with which course to take and if you should stick to it. Well, if you can, do some research. Therefore, you would be able to understand the terms they are using in your conversation.

  1. How can I prevent myself from experiencing this foot problem again?

Once you have visited a podiatry clinic and consulted with the podiatrist, they would let you know a few things on how to prevent yourself from getting that foot problem again. Those things they will advise you are something that could help you keep healthy at all times. Listed below are preventive foot care measures.

  • Wear footwear at all times.
  • Avoid wearing pointed shoes.
  • Keep feet clean and dry.
  • Trim nails to prevent nail infection.
  • Regularly massage the feet,
  1. When does the pain feel worse or better?

You probably know the answer to this question, but it is worth asking the podiatristto understand further what you should avoid so your feet would not feel any pain. In most cases, they would recommend you not to participate in any exercise or physical activities. However, there are others, too that depend on your foot condition. 

  1. If I need surgery, who will be performing it?

You have to ask this so you would have an idea if the foot specialistthat will be performing the surgery knows what they will be doing. Make sure before the surgery begins, you were able to check their background, where they intern and the reviews from their past patients. 

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