3 best Performances of Brahmanandam

Not so many professional actors can appear in over 1000 films and remain relevant in the film industry. With the shifts in generational demands, veteran actors find it hard to cope with the ever-diversifying evolution, thus paving the way for fresh talent with a new wave of energy.

Well, Tollywood’s comic actor Brahmanandam is not the type that folds his mat and goes home when evolution jets. This legendary actor has left a significant mark on most of Telugu’s comedy movies to watch online, thanks to his adaptability in the ever-changing film industry.

He is a celebrated actor who boasts of being the current Guinness World Record holder of a living actor with the most screen credits. The 64-year-old legend is also awarded for his significant contribution to Indian cinema. Despite his age, Brahmanandam is amongst the most sought after comedians in Indian movies. From Box Office movies to comedy; with both lead character and supporting roles, the legendary actor does not struggle to get noticed. He is the type that will automatically stir up your mood as he has done in some of his movies, including Brindavanam, Namo Venkatesa, and Aagadu. Let us look at the film that has been rated Brahmanandam’s best sellers:


Brahmanandama plays a lazy police inspector in this action-comedy film and is scared of his brother-in-law, who expects all his male family members to be law enforcing police officers. His character, as Padmanabha Simha, makes the audience laugh out loud. The dream machine and the following sequences have proved once again that he is the star comedian.

Race Gurram

The movie centers on two brothers with totally different personalities. While one is an accomplished assistant commissioner of police (Ram), Lucky is carefree without any just course. In a twist of turns, Lucky gets abducted, brutally beaten and left hanging on a tree by a criminal turned-politician. He narrowly escapes death then goes ahead to confront a minister and bribes him into branding Lucky a special police officer. Though reluctantly, Lucky is put in charge of a team of incompetent officers led by Brahmanandam. Lucky sends Brahmanandam to the bad guys in pretense and ends up getting the information they needed.


The film features a young man, Venky, who gets accidentally selected for police training. As Venky and his friends embark on a journey to join the police academy, sudden turn of events leaves them as suspects for double murder. On the way to find the real killer, they learn of some astonishing facts. Brahmanandam played the character of Gajala, and the train comedy is a classic example of his timing.